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MDO Database provides world coverage for the intelligence you need to identify and seize opportunities in mining.

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MDO provides in-depth mining intelligence on operating mines and mining projects at PEA, PFS and Feasibility stages.


Commodity Production, Costs and Financials

  • Forecast Production
  • Current Production
  • Historic Production
  • Cash Costs
  • All-in Sustained Costs (AISC)
  • All-in Costs
  • Mine Financials
Key Mine Personnel and Workforce

Key Mine Personnel and Workforce

  • 8,000 key decision makers at mine sites and consultants:
  • General Managers
  • Mine and Operations Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Processing Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Procurement Staff and more...
Geology, Mineral Reserves and Resources

Geology, Mineral Reserves and Resources

  • Deposit Type
  • Deposit Description
  • Mineralogy
  • Cut-off grade
  • Proven and Probable Reserves
  • Measured and Indicated Resources
Mining Operations

Mining Operations

  • Mining Methods and Technologies
  • Mining Scale, tpd
  • Mining and Milling Capacity
  • Tonnes mined and processed
  • Pit design details
  • Hoist Shaft depth
  • Backfill details
Heavy Mobile Equipment

Heavy Mobile Equipment

  • 1,400 mines and projects with HME fleet data
  • 2,000 models
  • 62,000 units
  • Electric trucks and shovels
  • Autonomous trucks and drills
Comminution, Crushers and Mills

Comminution, Crushers and Mills

  • 1,200 mines and projects with crushers/mills data
  • Mill size, model, installed power
  • Comminution process details
  • Comminution Flowsheet Diagrams
Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing

  • 120 Processing Technologies
  • Mineral Processing Summary
  • Reagents
  • Recovery Rates
  • Flowsheet Diagrams
Project Costs and Returns

Project Costs and Returns

  • CapEx
  • OpEx
  • G&A Costs
  • Revenue
  • Cash Flow
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Interntal Rate of Return (IRR)
Project Development Timeline

Project Development Timeline

  • Current Development Stage
  • Construction Start Date
  • Production Start Date
Water Supply and Consumption

Pipelinges and Water Consumption

  • Slurry and Water Pipelines
  • Pipe material and diameter
  • Pipeline length
  • Water supply and consumption details
Conveyors and Pipelines


  • 450 mines and projects with coveyor data
  • Conveyor Type and Length
  • Some mines report conveyor capacity, belt speed, width and motor size
World's Major Mines and Projects.
15 Mile Project 3Q (Tres Quebradas) Mine 777 Mine A1 Mine Abaiskaya Mine Abcourt-Barvue Project Abra Mine Absaloka Mine Abujar Mine Achmmach Project Acosta Mine Ad Duwayhi Mine Ada Tepe Mine Adumbi Project Affinity Mine AGA Mineracao Operation Agata Mine Agate Creek Mine Agbaou Mine Agi Dagi Project Agnew Complex Aguablanca Mine Ahafo South Mine Airly Mine Aitik Mine Ajax Project Akasaba West Mine Akie (Cardiac Creek) Project Aktogay Mine Akyem Mine Al Amar Mine Al Ba'itha Mine Al Hassa Mine Al Jalamid Mine Al Khabra Mine Al Russaifa Mine Alabama Operation Alacran (San Matias) Project Alamo Dorado Mine Albany Project Aldiss Centre Aley Project Allan Mine Almas Mine Alpamarca Operation Alpamarca Mine Alta Mesa Mine Altan Tsagaan Ovoo (ATO) Mine Altyntau-Kokshetau (Vasilkovsky) Mine Alumbrera Mine Amandelbult Complex Amarillo Grande Project Ambatovy Mine AMMC Operation Amulsar Project Ana Paula Project Ancuabe Project Andaychagua Mine Anderson Project Andina Mine Andrade Mine Andy Well Mine Animon Mine Anjing Hitam - Lae Jahe Project Ankata/Malu (UG) Mine Antamina Mine Antapaccay Mine Antas (Antas North) Mine Antelope Mine Anthill Mine Antilla Project Antler Project Antucoya Mine APG Project Apoena (EPP) Complex Appin Mine Apurimac Mine Aquila Mine Aracoma Complex Araguaia Project Aranzazu Mine Araxa(Patrocinio) Mine Arcadia Mine Arcata Mine Arctic Project Arctos Anthracite Project Arcturus Mine Area C (Mt Goldsworthy) Operation Argyle Mine Argyle Mine Aries (Ram River) Project Aripuana Mine Arista Mine Arnaud Project Arnot Mine Artemyevsky Mine Artillery Peak Project As Suq Mine Asam Asam Mine Asanko Mine A-Seam Project Ashram Project Ashton Mine Atacocha Mine Atansor Mine Atasu Mine Atlantic Operation ATO Phase 2 Expansion Project Aukam Mine Aureus East (Dufferin) Mine Aurizona Mine Aurizona Expansion Project Aurora Mine Aurora Mine Austar Mine Australian Vanadium Project Authier Project Aviemore Mine Avino Mine Avino Oxide Tailings Project Ayawilca Project Az Zabirah Mine Azul Mine Back Forty Project Back River (Goose) Project Bafokeng Rasimone (BRPM) Mine Bagdad Complex Bailey Mine Baita Plai Mine Bakubung Project Balabag Mine Balama Mine Balama Central Project Bald Hill Mine Bald Mountain Mine Ballarat Mine Balranald Project Bambanani Mine Ban Houayxai Mine Baniaka Project Baorixile Mine Baotou Complex Baptiste-Decar Project Baralaba North Mine Barasentosa South Lestari (BSL) Mine Barberton Operation Barberton Mine Barbrook Mine Bardoc Mine Barora Area Operation Barrambie Project Barro Alto Mine Barry Mine Bastacolla Area Operation Bateman - F2 Project Battery Hill Project Batu Hijau Mine Batulicin - Sarongga Mine Bau Project Bauxite Hills Mine Bayan Khundii Project Bayovar 12 Project Beaconsfield Mine Bear Run Mine Beartrack-Arnett Project Beatons Creek (Nullagine) Mine Beatrix Mine Beaufor Mine Beaver Dam Project Beckley Mine Beeshoek Mine Belfast Mine Bell Creek Mine Bell Mountain Project Belle Plaine Mine Bellevue Mine Bells (Hog Ranch) Project Bengalla Mine Bengalon Mine Berta Mine Beruang Kanan Main (BKM) Project Beta Hunt Mine Bethania Mine Bethune Mine Beulah Mine Beyondie Mine Bibiani Mine Bicholim Mine Bidaminna Project Big Gossan Mine Big Island (Ciner Trona) Complex Bilbao Project Bilboes Project Bingay Main Project Binungan Mine Bisha Mine Bisie (Mpama North) Mine Bissa Mine Bissa-Bouly Operation Bissett Creek Project Bjorkdal Mine BK11 Mine Black Butte Project Black Crystal Project Black Mountain Mine Black Rock Operation Black Swan Mine Black Thunder Mine Black Warrior Mine BlackRock (Southwest Pit) Project Blackwater Project Blackwater Mine Blair Athol Mine Blanket Mine Blawn Mountain Project Block II Area Operation Bloom Lake Mine Blue Creek Complex Blue Creek Project Blue Diamond Complex Bluff Mine Blyvoor Mine Boa Vista Mine Boardwalk Project Bodai-Daldali Mine Boddington Mine Boggabri Mine Bogoso-Prestea Mine Boikarabelo Project Bokoni Mine Bolanitos Mine Boleo Mine Boliden Area Operation Bolivar Mine Bolivar Expansion Project Bomboré Mine Bonanza (Harquahala) Mine Bonikro Mine Bonnie Claire Project Boonanarring Mine Bootu Creek Mine Booysendal Mine Bor Copper Complex Borborema Project Borden Mine Borneo Indobara (BIB) Mine Boron Mine Boroo Mine Boto Project Bouly Mine Boumadine Project Boungou Mine Bozshakol Mine Bozymchak Mine Bradshaw Mine Bralorne Mine Brewery Creek Project Broadlea Mine Broadmeadow East Mine Brockman Mine Broken Hill Operation Broken Hill (Thackaringa) Project Bronzewing Mine Brookbank Project Brucejack Mine Brule Mine Bruner Project Brush Valley Mine BTRP Mine Buck Creek Mine Buckreef Mine Buckskin Mine Buenavista Mine Bukit Besi Mine Bulga Mine Bulghah Mine Bull Mountains Mine Bull River Mine Bullfrog (Henry Mountains) Project Bulyanhulu Mine Bunker Hill Mine Bunyu Project Buriticá Mine Burke Hollow Project Burnstone Mine Burra (Platina Scandium) Project Burton Complex Butcherbird Mine Buzwagi Mine Byerwen Mine Caballo Mine Caballo Blanco Complex Caballo Blanco - La Paila Project Cactus Mine Project Cadia East Mine Cadia Hill Mine Cadia PC1-2 Expansion Project Cadia PC2-3 Expansion Mine Cadia Valley Operation Cadoux Project Caete Complex Cagdianao Mine Caijiaying Mine Cajati Mine Callanquitas (Igor) Project Callide Mine Cam & Motor Mine Cameby Downs Mine Cameron Project Camino Rojo Mine Campo Morado Mine Camyurt Project Canadian Malartic Complex Canariaco Project Candelaria Mine Candelaria Complex Candelas Project Candelones Oxide Project Cangrejos Project Cannington Mine Cannon Mine Canterbury Mine Cantung Mine Capcoal Mine Capcoal Operation Cape Flattery Project Cape Ray Project Capela Mine Cap-Oeste Mine Capricorn Operation Carahuacra Mine Carahuacra Norte Mine Caraíba (MCSA) Complex Carajás East Operation Caravel Project Carborough Downs Mine Cardinal River Mine Cardinia Project Cariboo Project Caribou Mine Carlin Complex Carlin Vanadium Project Carlota Mine Carlsbad Mine Carlsbad East Mine Carlsbad HB Mine Carlsbad West Mine Carmacks Project Carmen de Andacollo Mine Carnegie Project Carol Lake Mine Carolina Lithium Project Carosue Dam Operation Carrapateena Mine Carrapateena Expansion Project Casa Berardi Mine Casa de Pedra Complex Cascabel (Alpala) Project Cascade Mine Caserones Mine Casino Project Casposo-Manantiales Complex Casselman Mine Casselman North Mine Cassini Mine Castelo de Sonhos Project Castle Hill Project Castle Mountain Mine Castle Mountain Phase 2 Expansion Project Cataby Mine Catalao Mine Cauchari Project Cauchari-Olaroz Mine Caval Ridge Mine Cayeli Mine Caylloma Mine Celesta Mine Centenario-Ratones Project Centennial Project Center Mine Centinela (Esperanza, El Tesoro) Mine Central Central Appalachia Operation CentroGold Project Centurion (North Goonyella) Mine Century Mine Century Mine Cerrado Verde Mine Cerrejon Mine Cerro Bayo Mine Cerro Blanco Project Cerro Caliche Project Cerro Colorado Mine Cerro Corona Mine Cerro De Maimon Mine Cerro de Oro Project Cerro De Pasco - Oxidos Cerro de Pasco - Sulfuros Mine Cerro del Gallo Project Cerro Las Minitas Project Cerro Lindo Mine Cerro Los Gatos Mine Cerro Matoso Mine Cerro Moro Mine Cerro Negro Mine Cerro Quema Project Cerro San Pedro Mine Cerro Vanguardia Operation Cerro Verde Complex Certej Project Chain Valley Mine Challenger Mine Chanaral Bay Project Chandalar (Little Squaw Creek) Project Channar Mine Chapada Mine Chapadao Mine Charcas Mine Charters Towers Mine Chatree Mine Chelopech Mine Chibuluma Mine Chichester Hub Operation Chidliak Project Chilalo Project Chimo Project Chino Mine Chirano Mine Choctaw Mine Christmas Creek Mine Chungar Mining Unit Chuquicamata Mine Chvaletice Project Cienega Mine Cigar Lake Mine Cinovec Project Cisneros Operation Citronen Project CK Gold Project Clarence Mine Clavos Project Clayton Valley Project Clayton Valley (Cypress) Project Clearwater Project Clearwater (Eau Claire) Project Clermont Mine Cleveland-Cliffs 'Steelmaking segment' Operation Cliffs Mine Climax Mine Cloudbreak Mine CMA UG Expansion Project Coal Creek Mine Coal Mountain Mine Coal Valley Mine Cobre Las Cruces Mine Cobre Las Cruces(Underground) Project Cobre Panama Mine Coburn Mine Coburn Extension Project Cochrane Hill Project Codli Mine Coffee Project Coimolache Mine Colado Operation Coleman Mine Collahuasi Mine Collinsville Mine Colomac Project Colonsay Mine Colowyo Mine Colquijirca (El Brocal) Operation Commodore Mine Commonwealth Project Conda Mine Congo Project Cononish Mine Constancia Mine Contact Project Contonga Mine Co-O Mine Cook Colliery Mine Cooke Mine Coolgardie Mine Cooper Ridge OP Project Cooper Ridge UG Mine Coosa Project Copler Mine Copler Master District expansion Project Coppabella Mine Copper Cliff Mine Copper Flat Project Copper Mountain Mine Copper Mountain Expansion Project Copper World (Phase I) Complex Copperstone Mine Copperwood Project Coral-Graceton Mine Corani Project Cordero Project Cordero Rojo Mine Coricancha Mine Corihuarmi Mine Coringa Project Corner Bay Project Corrego do Sitio Complex Correnso Mine Cortez Complex Corumba Mine Cory Mine Cosala Operation COSE (Cap-Oeste Sur Este) Mine Cosmo Mine Cosmos - Odysseus Project Costerfield Operation Cotabambas Project Cote (Côté) Mine Cote Blanche Mine Cottage Grove Mine Courageous Lake Project Courageous Lake Expansion Project Cowal Gold (CGO) Operation Cowal UG expansion Project Coyote Mine Coyote Creek Mine Cozamin Mine Cracow Operation Crane Mine Crater Lake Project Crawford Project Creighton Mine Crespo Project Creston Mascota Mine Crevier Project Cripple Creek & Victor Mine Croinor Project Crooked Creek Mine Crow Butte Mine Crown Mountain Project CSA (Cobar) Mine CSH Mine CST Coal No.8 Mine (Grande Cache) Mine Cuajone Mine Cue Gold (Big Bell Mine, Comet Mine) Cuiaba Complex Cukaru Peki - Timok Upper Zone Mine Cullinan Mine Cumberland Gap Project CuMo Project Curraghinalt Project Cusi Mine Cusi Mine Expansion Project Cyclone Project Cypress Project Da Tambuk Project Daisy Centre Dalgaranga Mine Dalny Mine Damang Mine Damtshaa Mine Daneros Mine DANF Santiago (Bonfim) Project Dargues Mine Darling Range Operation Darlot Mine Darmac 2 Mine Dartbrook OP Project Dartbrook UG Mine DASA Project Daunia Mine Davyhurst Mine Dawson Mine Dawson Project De Bron Merriespruit Project Deep Fox and Foxtrot Project Deep Mill Level Zone (DMLZ) Mine Deep Ore Zone (DOZ) Mine Deepening Inferred (Extension) Project Deflector Operation Deflector Mine DeGrussa Operation Del Toro Mine DeLamar Project Dendrobium Mine Detour Lake Mine Dewey-Burdock Project Diablillos Project Diamba Sud Project Diavik Mine Diba & Lakanfla Project Didipio Mine Dishaba Mine Dolores Mine Dolphin Mine Dome Mountain Mine Don David Don Nicolas Mine Donaldson (Abel) Mine Donkin Mine Donlin Gold Project Doornkop Mine Doropo Project Dorstfontein Mine Dotiki Mine Douay Project Double Mountain Mine Drake Mine Drake (Mt Carrington) Project Drayton Mine DRDGOLD Mine Driefontein Mine Driftwood Creek Project Dry Fork Mine Dry River South (Surveyor UG) Mine Dubbo Project Dugald River Mine Dugbe Project Duketon North Operation Duketon South Operation Dumont Project Duncan Lake Project Dundas Project Duparquet Project Duralie Mine Dutch Run Mine Eagle Mine Eagle East Expansion Project Eagle Gold Mine Eagle Mountain Project Eagle Pass Mine Eagle River Mine Eagle River Complex Eagle's Nest Project East Boulder Mine East Kemptville Project East Kundana (EKJV) Mine East Region (Kazakhstan) Complex East Region and Bozymchak Operation East Tennessee Complex Eastern Operations (Atlas/Campaspe) Mine EC120 (El Cajon & Zone 120) Project Eco Ridge Project Edikan Mine Edna May Operation Edna May (Stage 3) Project Efemcukuru Operation Ekati Mine El Abra Mine El Arco Project El Castillo Mine El Castillo Complex El Chanate Mine El Compas Mine El Cubo Complex El Cubo - El Pinguico Operation El Domo - Curipamba Project El Gallo Mine El Limon Complex El Limon-Guajes (ELG) Mine El Mochito Mine El Mochito Expansion Project El Nino (South Arturo) Mine El Penon Mine El Pilar Project El Porvenir Mine El Quevar Project El Roble Mine El Segundo / Lee Ranch Mine El Soldado Mine El Teniente Mine El Tigre Project El Toqui Mine El Volcan & San Jose Mine Eland Mine Elandsfontein Mine Elandspruit Complex Elder Mine Eleonore Mine Elikhulu TRP Mine Eliwana (Western Hub) Mine Elk Creek Project Elk Gold Mine Elk Run Complex Elkview Mine Emili Project EMIPA/Don Mario Mine Empire Mine Empire Project Empire State Mine Enchi Project Endako Mine Endeavor Mine Eneabba Mine Enlow Fork Mine Ensham Mine Epanko Project Ermitaño (Ermitano) Expansion Mine Ernest Henry Mine Ernesto Mine Escalones Project Escarpment Mine Escobal Mine Escondida Mine Eshidiya Mine Eskay Creek Project Española Project Essakane Mine Essakane (CIL, HL) Project Esterhazy (K3) Mine Estevan Mine Etango-8 Project Eva Project Evander Operation Evander Mine Evander TRP Mine Ewoyaa Project Excel 5 (MC Mining Complex) Mine Extension Hill Mine EZ Project Falchani Project Falkirk Mine Farellon Mine Farim Project Fayolle Mine Fazenda Brasileiro Mine Federation Project Fekola Complex Fenix Project Fenix Expansion Project Filo del Sol Project Finniss (Grants) Operation Finsch Mine Fire Creek Mine Fire Lake Mine Fire Lake North Project Firebag Mine Fireside Mine Firetail Mine Five Forks Mine Flat Top Mine Florence Project Florida Canyon Mine Florida Canyon Project Florida phosphates Operation Flying Fox Mine FMG Operation Fording River Mine Forrestania Operation Fort Dauphin (QMM) Operation Fort Hills Mine Fort Knox Mine Fortnum Gold (FGO) Forzando Mine Fosterville Mine Fountain Head and Hayes Creek Project Four Corners Mine Fox Complex Foxleigh Mine Francisco Mine Franke Mine Frasers/Golden Point Mine Freda Rebecca Mine Freedom Mine Fresnillo Mine Friday Mine Frieda River Project Frog’s Leg Mine Frontier Mine Fruta del Norte Mine Full Moon (Rainy Lake) Project Gabriela Mistral Mine Gahcho Kué Mine Galalar Project Galaxy Mine Galena Complex Gallowai-Bull River Project Galore Creek Project Gamsberg Mine Gaocheng (GC) Mine Garden Well Mine Garden Well South Mine Garpenberg Mine Garson Mine Gas Hills Project Gateway North Mine Gedabek Mine Geita Mine Geko (Bullabulling) Mine GEMCO Mine Genesee Mine Genesis(Kronos) Mine George Fisher Mine Georgia Lake Project Germano (Samarco) Complex Ghaghoo (Gope) Mine Gibellini Project Gibraltar Mine Gibson North Mine Gibson South Mine Gilmore Expansion Mine Glenburgh Project Glendell Mine Goa Operation Goderich Operation Goedehoop Mine Goedgevonden Mine Gold Bar Mine Gold Road Mine Gold Rock Project Gold Springs Project Goldboro Operation Goldboro Expansion Project Golden Chest Mine Golden Eagle Mine Golden Grove Operation Golden Mile Project Golden Summit Project Golden Sunlight Mine Goldex Mine Goldfields Project Goldrush Project Goldstrike Operation Goldstrike Project Goldwedge Mine Goliad Project Goliath Complex Gonneville Project Goondicum Mine Goonyella Complex Gordon Creek (Flatbed) Project Gorno Project Goro (VNC) Mine Gosowong Operation Goulamina Project Gounkoto Mine Gove Mine Govindpur Area Operation Gramalote Project Granada Project Grande Cote (GCO) Operation Granite Creek Project Granny Smith Mine Granville Project Graphite One Project Grasberg Mine Grasberg Complex Grasberg Block Cave Mine Grasstree Mine Grassy Mountain Project Grassy Mountain Project Great Burnt Project Great Cobar Project Greater Tom Price Mine Green River (TCNA) Mine Greenbushes Mine Greenhills Mine Greens Creek Mine Greenside Mine Greenstone Mine Greenwood Project Gregory Crinum Mine Grootegeluk Mine Grosvenor Mine Grota do Cirilo Phase 1 - Xuxa Mine Grota do Cirilo Phase 2 - Barreiro Project Groundhog North Project Gruyere Mine Guadalupe Production Center Complex Gualcamayo Mine Guanacevi Mine Guanaco-Amancaya Complex Guanajuato Mine Gudai-Darri (Koodaideri) Mine Guelb Moghrein Mine Gum Creek Project Gunnison Mine Gurimbang Mine Haib Copper Project Hail Creek Mine Haile Operation Haile OP Mine Haile UG - Horseshoe Mine Halfmile Project Halfmile-Stratmat Operation Halilaga Project Hall (Liberty) Project Halls Creek Mine Hamer-Byers Mine Hamersley Iron Operation Hamilton #1 Mine Hammerdown Project Harmony Mine Harrison County (Robinson Run #95) Mine Harvest Project Harvey Mine Hasbrouck Project Havieron Project Hawsons Iron Project Heilwood Mine Hellyer Mine Hemco Mine Hemerdon (Drakelands) Mine Hemlo (Williams, David Bell) Mine Henderson Mine Henty Mine Hera Mine Hermes Mine Hermosa (Taylor) Project Herradura Mine Heva-Hosco (Joanna) Project Hibbing Taconite Mine Hidden Bay Project Hidden Valley Mine Higginsville Gold Operations (HGO) Highland Valley Mine Highvale Mine Hilarion Project Hillgrove Operation Hillside Project Hinatuan Mine Hislop Mine Hod Maden Project Holden 22 (Coal-Mac) Mine Hollinger Mine Hollister Mine Holloway Mine Holt Mine Holt Complex Homase Mine Hombre Muerto North (HMN) Project Hombre Muerto West (HMW) Project Honeymoon Mine Hope Bay Mine Hope Bay Expansion Project Hope Downs Mine Hopes Advance Project Horne 5 Project Horning Mine Hotazel Complex Hounde Mine Houston Project How Mine Howse Project Hoyle Pond Mine Huaron Mine Huckleberry Mine Hugo North Lift 1 Expansion Mine Huguenot Project Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) Mine Husab Mine Hycroft Mine Hycroft Heap Leach Project Idaho Cobalt Operations (ICO) Project Iduapriem Mine Ikkari and Pahtavaara Project Illawarra Operation Ilovica-Shtuka Project IMMSA Operation Impala Mine Impala Canada - Lac des Iles Mine Imperial Project Imperial/Majestic Mine Impunzi Mine Inata Mine Independence Project Inkai Mine Inmaculada Mine Integra (Glennies Creek) Mine Invicta Project Inyanda Mine Iron Baron Mine Iron Bridge Mine Iron Knob Mine Iron Ridge Mine Iron Valley Mine Ironbark No. 1 (Ellensfield) Mine Irtyshsky Mine Isaac Plains Complex Isaac River Project Isabella Pearl Mine Isibonelo Mine Island Gold Mine Island Gold Phase 3+ Expansion Project Islay Mine Itabira Complex Itmann Complex Ity Mine Ixtaca Project Jabal Sayid Mine Jacinth-Ambrosia Mine Jacobina Mine Jadar Project Jaguar Operation Jaguar (JNP) Project Jambreiro Project James Mine James Bay Project James Bay Niobium Project Jansen Project Jaurdi Mine Jax Mine Jeebropilly Mine Jellinbah Mine Jerritt Canyon Mine Jervois Project Jiama Mine Jilau/Taror Mine Jimblebar Mine Jinying (White Mountain) Mine Joaquin Mine Joel Mine Johnson Camp Mine Josemaria Project Joyce Lake DSO Project Juanicipio Mine Julcani Mine Jundee Mine Junior Lake (BAM) Project Juniper Ridge Project Juruti Mine Jwaneng Mine K.Hill Project Kachi Project Kagem Mine Kainantu Mine Kainantu Stage 3 Expansion Project Kakula-Kansoko Project Kal East Project Kalagadi Mine Kalana Project Kalgold Mine Kalgoorlie Operation Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) Operation Kalkaroo Project Kambalda Nickel Operation Kami Project Kamoa-Kakula Operation Kanawha Eagle Complex Kangala - Eloff Colliery Mine Kanmantoo Mine Kanowna Belle Mine Kansanshi Mine Kapan Mine Kara Mine Karaganda Coal Mines Complex Karara Mine Karibib Mine Karlawinda Mine Karma Mine Karnataka Mine Karouni Mine Karowe Mine Karowe UG Project Kasiya Project Katanga (Kamoto-Mashamba East) Complex Katanning Project Kathleen Valley Project Katlego Operation Kayad Mine Kayelekera Mine Kayenta Mine Kazakhstanskaya Mine Kazzinc Complex Keliber (Kaustinen) Project KeMag Project Kemess East Project Kemess UG Project Kemi Mine Kemmerer Mine Kenbridge Project Kennecott (Bingham Canyon) Mine Keno Hill Operation Kensington Mine Kentobe Mine Kepler Complex Kestrel Mine Kettle River-Buckhorn Mine Kevitsa Mine Keysbrook Mine Keyser Project Khanyisa Complex Kharmagtai Project Khemisset Project Khoemacau (Zone 5) Mine Khumani Mine Khutala Mine Khwezela Operation Khwezela North (Landau) Mine Khwezela South (Kleinkopje) Mine Kiaka Project Kibali Mine Kidd Creek Mine Kiena Mine Kiggavik Project Kilgore Project King of the Hills (KOTH) Operation Kings/Queens Valley Mine Kingston Complex Kiniero Mine Kinsenda Mine Kinsevere Mine Kintap Mine Kipawa Project Kipoi Operation Kipushi Mine Kirazli Project Kiruna Mine Kisladag Mine Kitsault Project Kitsault Valley (Homestake Ridge) Project Kittila Mine Kitumba Project Klaza Project Kliprand Colliery Mine Klipspruit Mine Kloof Mine Knob Creek Mine Kobada Project Kocjancic Mine Koffiefontein Mine Kogan Creek Mine Kolomela Mine Kolosori Project Kolwezi Mine Komar Mine Kombat Mine Koné (Kone) Project Koniambo Mine Konkola Mine Koolan Island Mine Kopanang Mine Kosse Mine Kostenko Mine Kounrad Mine Kouroussa Mine KOV Mine KPC Operation Kriel Mine Kroondal Mine Kryvyi Rih (OP) Mine Kryvyi Rih (UG) Mine KSM Project KTO Mine Kuansing Inti Makmur (KIM) Mine Kubi Project Kudz Ze Kayah Project Kumpupintil Lake Project Kumtor Mine Kundana (Millennium) Mine Kusasalethu Mine Kutcho Project Kuzembaeva Mine Kvanefjeld Project Kwale Operation Kwanika-Stardust Project KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Sands Operation Kylylahti Mine Kyzyl (Bakyrchik) Mine La Arena Mine La Arena Sulphide expansion Project La Bolsa Project La Caridad Mine La Coipa Mine La Colorada Operation La Colorada Mine La Colorada Skarn Project La Cumbre Project La Demajagua Project La Encantada Mine La Fortuna Project La Guitarra Mine La India Mine La India Project La Libertad Complex La Mina Project La Parrilla Complex La Parrilla Mine La Plata (La Mina) Project La Platosa Mine La Rosa-Rosarios-La Blanca Mine La Sal Complex La Trinidad Mine La Verde Project La Yaqui Grande Mine La Zanja Mine LabMag Project Lac à l'Orignal Project Lac à Paul Project Lac des Iles Mine Lac Dore Project Lac Gueret (Uatnan) Project Lac Knife Project Lac Otelnuk Project Lac Tio (Havre St-Pierre) Mine Lace Mine Lady Julie Project Lady Loretta Mine Lafigué (Fetekro) Mine Lagoa Salgada Project Laguna Salada Project Laguna Verde Project Lagunas Norte Mine Laiva Mine Lake Giles Hematite (Ularring) Project Lake Giles Magnetite (Moonshine) Project Lake Johnston Operation Lake Vermont Mine Lake Way Project Lake Wells Project Lalor Mine Lamaque Operation Lamelee Project Lamesa Mine Lance Mine Lanfranchi Mine Langer Heinrich Mine Langlois Mine Lanigan Mine Lapa Mine LaRonde Mine LaRonde Zone 5 Mine Las Bambas Mine Las Chispas Mine Las Encinas Mine Las Lagunas Mine Las Minas Project Las Truchas Mine Lati Mine Lavrinha Mine Lawyer Project Leer Mine Leer South Mine Leeuwpan Mine Lefa Mine Leinster Mine Lenina Mine Leonora Operation Letlhakane Mine Letseng Mine Lexam(Fox West) Project Lexington Mine Liddell Mine Lihir Mine Lik Project Lila Canyon Mine Lily Mine Lindero Mine Lindi Jumbo Project Line Creek Mine Liqhobong Mine Lisakovsk Mine Lisheen Mine Livengood Project Lobo-Marte Project Lofdal Project Lola Project Loma Larga Project Lomada de Leiva Mine Lomas Bayas Mine Lone Mountain Project Lone Tree Mine Long Canyon Mine Long Valley Project Longnan Mine Los Azules Project Los Bronces Mine Los Filos Complex Los Filos Expansion (CIL) Project Los Helados Project Los Pelambres Mine Los Reyes Project Los Ricos South Project Los Santos Mine Los Verdes Project Lost Creek Mine Loulo-Gounkoto Mine Loulo-Gounkoto Complex Lowry Mine Lubambe Mine Lubin Mine Lucky Bay (Balline) Project Lucky Friday Mine Lulo Mine Lumwana Mine Lundberg Project Lynn Lake Project Mabilo Project Macassa Mine Mackay Project Macmillan Pass Project Macraes Mine Macraes Operation Macusani Project Madagascar (Sahamamy/Vatomina) Operation Madaouela Project Mafube Mine Magadi (TCML) Mine Magdalena Mine Magino Mine Magistral Project Magistral Del Oro Project Mahd Ad Dhahab Mine Mahenge Project Mainpat Mine Makhado Project Mako Mine Makuutu Project Makwa-Mayville Project Malingunde Project Mallay Mine Malmberget/Gallivare Mine Malmbjerg Project Malu (OP) Mine Mamatwan Mine Mana Mine Manaila Mine Manantial Espejo Operation Mandalong Mine Mandiri Mine Mangoola Mine Manh Choh (Peak) Mine Maniry Project Manitoba (Snow Lake) Operation Manono Project Mansourah-Massarah Mine Mantos Blancos Mine Mantoverde Mine Maple Eagle Complex Mara Rosa - Posse Mine Maracas Menchen Mine Maracas Menchen Expansion Project Maramarua Mine Marandoo Mine Marathon Project Marban Alliance Project Marcapunta Mine Marda Mine Marfork Complex Mariana Complex Mariana Project Maricunga (Blanco) Project Maricunga (Refugio) Mine Marigold Mine Marikana Mine Marimaca Project Marion County (Loveridge #22) Mine Marlin Mine Marmato Lower Mine Expansion Project Marmato Upper Zone Mine Marquez-Juan Tafoya Project Marshall County (McElroy) Mine Martabe Mine Martha Mine Martha Mine Martison Project Marula Mine Mary River Mine Masbate Mine Mashamba East Mine Masimong Mine Mason Project Matagami (Bracemac-McLeod) Mine Matawinie Project Matchless Mine Matla Mine Mato Bula Project MATSA Complex Matupa Project Maud Creek Project Maules Creek Mine Max Mine Maxwell Mine Mazowe Mine McArthur River Mine McArthur River / Key Lake Mine McClean Lake Mine McCoy-Cove Project McCreedy West, Morrison/Levack (Sudbury Basin) Operation McGarry Project McIlvenna Bay Project McPhillamys Project Meadowbank Complex Meandu Mine Medcalf Project Media Luna Project Meekatharra Gold (MGO) Meliadine Mine Mercedes Mine Merian Mine Merlin Project Mesquite Mine Metalkol Roan Tailings Reclamation (RTR) Mine Metates Project Meteor Downs South Mine Metropolitan Mine Mexican Hat Project Meyas Sand (Block 14) Project Miami Mine Michel Coal Project (Michel Creek) Project Midas Mine Middelburg Mines Services (MMS) Mine Middle Tennessee Complex Middlemount Mine Middlewich Mine Miitel Mine Milestone Project Mill Creek Mine Millennium and Mavis Downs Mine Miller Project Mimosa Mine Mina do Barroso Project Minari Dome Project Minas Centrais Complex Minas-Rio Mine Mine 78 Mine Mine Waste Solutions Minera Agua Rica Alumbrera (MARA) Project Minera Florida Mine Mineracao Corumbaense Reunida(MCR) Operation Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) Mine Mineração Usiminas (MUSA) Operation Mineral Ridge Mine Mineral Ridge Expansion Project Minerva Mine Ming Mine Minim Martap Project Ministro Hales Mine Minorca Mine Minto Mine Mirado Project Mirador Mine Mirador - Alta Gracia Mine Miraflores Project Miralga Creek Mine Mishi Mine Miski Mayo (Bayovar) Mine Mission Mine Moa Mine Moab Mine Moab Khotsong Mine Moabsvelden Mine Moanda Mine Moatize Mine Moberly Mine Moblan Project Modikwa Mine Mogalakwena Mine Mogale Project Mokopane Project Molo Mine Molo Phase 2 expansion Project Moma Mine Monique Mine Mont Sorcier Project Montagne d'Or Project Montauban Project Monte do Carmo Project Montepuez Project Montepuez (MRM) Mine Mont-Wright Mine Moolarben Mine Moolart Well Mine Moonlight-Superior Project Moorvale Mine Mopani Operation Moranbah North Mine Morenci Mine Morgan Camp Mine Morila Mine Morning Star (Woods Point) Mine Morococha Mine Moroy-Bachelor Mine Morrison Project Morro Agudo Mine Morro da Mina Mine Moss Mine Moss Expansion Project Mothae Mine Motheo A4 Expansion Project Motheo T3 Mine Mother Lode Project Mototolo Complex Mount Belches Centre Mount Brussilof (Baymag) Mine Mount Coolon Project Mount Garnet Mine Mount Hamilton Project Mount Hope Project Mount Isa Copper Operation Mount Isa Zinc Operation Mount Lyell Mine Mount Milligan Mine Mount Monger Operation Mount Owen Mine Mount Owen/Glendell Operation Mount Peake Project Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mine Mount Polley Mine Mount Thorley Mine Mount Thorley Warkworth Operation Mount Windarra Mine Mountain Laurel Mine Mountain Pass Mine Mountain View (Mettiki Complex) Mine Mpama South Expansion Mine Mponeng Mine Mt Arthur Mine Mt Carbine Mine Mt Carlton Operation Mt Cattlin Mine Mt Charlotte Mine Mt Freda Project Mt Gibson Project Mt Keith Mine Mt Magnet Operation Mt Marion Mine Mt Morgans Operation Mt Newman Operation Mt Rawdon Operation Mt Todd Project Mt Weld Mine Mt. Holland Mine Muga-Vipasca Project Mulatos Operation Mulatos Mine Mulga Rock Project Mulia/Jumbang Mine Mungari Operation Munglinup Project Muntanga Project Mupane Mine Murchison Project Murowa Mine Murray Brook Project Murray River Project Murrin Murrin Mine Muskowekwan Project Musonoi Project Musselwhite Mine Mustavaara Project Muswellbrook Mine Mutanda Mine MVC Mine Myra Falls Mine Myuna Mine Nabanga Project Nachu Project Namakwa Sands Operation Namaqualand Mine Namdini Project Namoya Mine Nampala Mine Nampundwe Mine Narrabri Mine Nash Creek Project Navachab Mine Navajo Mine Navidad Project Nchanga Mine NDR and H1 Project Nechalacho Mine Nechí Mine Nevada Operation Nevada Gold Mines Operation Neves-Corvo Mine Neves-Corvo Zinc Expansion Mine New Acland Mine New Afton Mine New Clydesdale Mine New Denmark Mine New Elk Mine New Horizon Mine New Liberty Expansion Project New Luika Mine New Oakleigh Mine New Polaris Project New Prosperity Project New Vaal Mine Newlands Mine Ngualla Project Ngungaju (Altura Lithium) Mine Nichols Ranch Operation Nickel Shäw (Wellgreen) Project Nickel West Operation NICO Project Nieves Project Nifty Mine Nifty OP Mine Nimba Project Nimbus Project Niobec Mine Nkomati Mine Nkosuo Expansion Project No. 4 Mine No. 7 Mine Noche Buena Mine Nolans Project Norasa Project Norseman Mine Norte Abierto (Cerro Casale) Project North American Lithium (NAL) Mine North Antelope Rochelle (NARM) Mine North Block Mine North Bullfrog Project North Island Project North Mara Mine North Queensland Copper Operation Northern Appalachia Operation Northern Dancer Project Northern Operations (Cooljarloo) Complex Northern Operations (Otter Juan/Durkin North and Long) Mine Northern System Operation NorthMet Project Northparkes Mine Northshore (Peter Mitchell) Mine Norton Operation Nova Mine Novador (Val-d'Or East) Project Nuestra Señora Mine Nueva Esperanza Project Nueva Rosita Mine NuevaUnion (El Morro) Project Nunavik Nickel Mine NuTac Project Nyngan Project Nzema Mine O’Brien Project Oak Grove Mine Oakover Project Oaktown Complex Oaktown I Mine Oaktown II Mine Oaky Creek Mine Obuasi Mine Ogden Mine Ohio County (Shoemaker) Mine Ojos Del Salado Mine Ok Tedi (Mt. Fubilan) Mine Okanjande/Okorusu Mine Oksut Mine Okvau Mine Olaroz Mine Olive Downs Complex Olympias Mine Olympic Dam Mine Olza Project Omagh (Cavanacaw) Mine Omarska(Ljubija) Mine Onaping Depth Project Onca Puma Mine Onslow (Ashburton) Mine Onton #9 Mine Ootsa Project Orapa Operation Orcopampa (Chipmo) Mine Orlovsky Mine OroValle/El Valle Operation Otjihase Mine Otjikoto Mine Ottawa Mine Ovoot Tolgoi Mine Oyu Tolgoi Mine Padcal Mine Paintearth Mine PAK Project Palangana Mine Palito Mine Pallancata Mine Palmarejo Mine Palmer Project Pampa Norte Operation Pan Mine Panasqueira Mine Panton Project Paraburdoo Complex Paracatu Mine Paragominas Mine Paraopeba Complex Paris Hills Project Parkwood Mine Paroo Station Mine Parral Mine Participating Coal Business (PCB) Operation Pascua-Lama Project Pastos Grandes Project Patience Lake Mine Patterson Lake South (PLS) Project Pau-a-Pique Mine Paulsens Mine Paulsens East Mine Pavon Mine Paw Paw 2 Mine Peace River Coal Operation Peak Mine Peak Downs Mine Pebble Project Pedra Branca Mine Pedra de Ferro Mine Pegmont Project Pena Colorada Mine Penasquito Mine Penco Module Project Pend Oreille Mine Penfield Mine Pennsylvania (PAMC) Operation Penny Mine Penouta Mine Perama Hill Project Perkoa Mine Phalaborwa Project Phoenix Mine Phoenix Mine Phosphate Hill Mine Phu Kham Mine Pickett Mountain Project Pilar Mine Pilar Mine Pilar (Caraiba) Mine Pilgangoora Operation Pinargozu Mine Pine Branch Complex Pine Cove Mine Pine Grove Project Pine Point Project Pinos Project Pinos Altos Mine Pinto Valley Mine Pinyon Plain Mine Pirquitas Mine Piskanja Boron Project Pitarrilla Project PL Project Platinum Mile Mine Platreef Project Plutonic Mine Plutonic Operation Plutonic (Open pit) Mine Pogo Operation Point Rousse Operation Poitrel Mine Polkowice-Sieroszowice Mine Poplar Grove Mine Poplar River Mine Porco Mine Porcupine Operation Porgera Mine Portia Mine Porvenir Project Power Mountain Complex Pozuelos-Pastos Grandes Project Prairie Creek Project Prairie Eagle Mine Premier Mine Premier-Red Mountain Project Pride (Survant) Mine Prieska Mine Primrose Mine Princeton Mine Prodeco Mine Prominent Hill Operation PT Citra Palu Minerals (Poboya) Mine PTVI (Sorowako) Mine Pucamarca Mine Pueblo Viejo Mine Pumpkin Hollow OP Project Pumpkin Hollow UG Mine Puna (Chinchillas) Mine Punitaqui Mine PureGold (Madsen) Mine Pyhasalmi Mine Quebrada Blanca Mine Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 (QB2) Mine Quebradillas Mine Quebradona Project Quellaveco Mine Quinsam Mine Qulong (Julong) Mine Rabbit Lake (Eagle Point) Mine Radomiro Tomic Mine Raglan Mine Rainbow Lake Project Rainy River Mine Rajapalot Project Rajpura Dariba Mine Rampura Agucha Mine Ramu Mine Ranger Mine Rasp Mine Ravensthorpe Operation Ravenswood Mine Ravensworth Complex Ravensworth East Mine Rawhide Mine Rawhide Mine Ray Mine Record Ridge Project Red Chris Mine Red Dog Mine Red Hills Mine Red Lake Operation Red October Mine Redmond Mine Redwing Mine Reed Mine Reko Diq Project Relief Canyon Mine Renard Mine Renco Mine Renison Mine Reno Creek Project Resolution Project Revel Ridge Project Revenue–Virginius (Ouray) Mine RHA Mine Rhoads Mine Rhyolite Ridge Project Riacho dos Machados (RDM) Mine Rich Gap Project Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) Mine Richmond-Julia Creek Project Ridgeway Mine Riley Mine Rio Pallanga Mine Rio Tuba Mine Riotinto Mine Riotinto Expansion Project River Valley Project River View Complex Robe Valley Mine Robertson Project Robinson Mine Roça Grande Mine Roca Honda Project Rocanville Mine Rocglen Mine Rochester Mine Rockwell Complex Rodeo Mine Rolleston Mine Romero Project Rosario Mine Rose Project Rosebel Mine Rosebery Mine Rosebud (Colstrip) Mine Rosemont Mine Rosh Pinah Mine Rosh Pinah Expansion Project Rosita Operation Rossing Mine Rothsay Mine Rotowaro Mine Round Mountain Mine Round Top REE Project Rover 1 Project Rovina Valley Project Roy Hill Mine Rozino Project Ruashi Mine Ruby Hill Mine Ruddock Creek Project Rudna Mine Runruno Mine Russell Vale Mine Rustenburg Operation Sabinas Mine Sabodala-Massawa Mine Sabodala-Massawa expansion Mine Sadiola Mine Safford Mine Sage Plain (incl. Calliham Mine) Project Sakatti Project Sal de Vida Project Salamanca Project Salar de Arizaro Project Salar de Atacama Mine Salares Norte Mine Salave Project Salobo Mine Salvador Mine Samapleu-Grata Project Sambarata Mine San Agustin Mine San Albino Mine San Andres Mine San Antonio Project San Bartolomé Mine San Cristobal Mine San Cristobal Mine San Dimas Mine San Felipe Project San Francisco Mine San Gonzalo Mine San Gregorio Mine San Ignacio Mine San Jose Mine San Jose Mine San Jose Project San Juan Mine San Julián Mine San Luis Project San Marcos Mine San Martin Mine San Martin Mine San Martin Mine San Miguel Mine San Nicolas Project San Rafael Mine San Rafael Mine San Ramon (Santa Rosa) Mine San Sebastian Mine San Vicente Mine Sanbrado Operation Sandman Project Sangaredi (Boké) Mine Sangatta Mine Sangdong Project Santa Barbara Mine Santa Cruz Project Santa Cruz Project Santa Elena Operation Santa Eulalia Mine Santa Gertrudis Project Santa Luz Mine Santa Luz C1 UG Expansion Project Santa Maria Project Santa Rita Operation Santa Rita Expansion Project Santana Mine Santander Complex Santo Domingo Project Sao Francisco Mine Saraji Mine Saranskaya Mine Sasa Mine Satui Mine Saucito Mine Savage Mine Savage River Mine Savage River UG Project Savannah Operation Savannah North Expansion Mine Schaft Creek Project Schrock Run/Schrock Run Extension Mine Sconi Project Scotia Mine Scott Lake Project Scully Mine Seabee Gold Operation Segala (Tabakoto) Mine Segele Project Segilola Mine Segovia Mine Séguéla (Seguela) Mine Selinsing Mine Selinsing Sulphide Expansion Mine Selwyn Project Sembehun Expansion Project Senakin Mine Separation Rapids Project Sepon Mine Seriti Power (SAEC) Operation Serra Azul Mine Serra Grande Mine Serra Leste Complex Serra Norte Complex Serra Sul Complex Serra Verde/Pela Ema Mine Serrote Mine Sevier Playa Project Seymour & Root Project Shafter Mine Shahuindo Mine Shakespeare Project Shakhtinskaya Mine Shalipayco Project Shamva Mine Shanxi (Yixingzhai) Mine Sheep Project Sheep Mountain Complex Sheerness Mine Shendong Complex Shengli Mine Sherlock Bay Project Shine (Mid-West) Mine Shirley Basin Project Shoal Creek Mine Shovelnose Project Shymanivske Project Siana Mine Siembra Minera (Brisas-Cristinas) Project Sierra Gorda Mine Sierra Rutile Mine Sierrita Mine Siguiri Mine Sihayo Project Silangan Project Silicon Ridge Project Silver Bell Mine Silvertip Mine Simandou South (blocks 3 and 4) Project Simberi Operation Simberi Sulphide Project Sindesar Khurd Mine Singida Mine Sino Iron Mine Sirmac Project Sishen Mine Sissingué Mine Sisson Project Siviour Project Skaland (Traelen) Mine Skorpion Mine Skouries Project Skyline Mine Slabcamp (CAPP Thermal) Mine Sleeper Project Sleeping Giant Mine Slick Rock Project Sloan Mtn. No. 3 Mine Smith Ranch-Highland Operation Smokey Hills (Phokathab) Mine Snap Lake Mine Societe Le Nickel (SLN) Mine Soledad Mountain Mine Solomon Hub Operation Solwara 1 Project Somerville Central Mine Somiluana Mine Songjiagou Operation Songjiagou North Mine Songjiagou(SJG) Mine Songwe Hill Project Sonoma Mine Sonora Project Sonshi Mine Sossego Mine Soto Norte Project South Arturo Mine South Crofty Project South Deep Mine South Flank Mine South Fort Meade Mine South Hallsville No. 1 (Sabine) Mine South Kalgoorlie Mine South Middleback Ranges (SMR) Mine South Pasture Mine South Railroad Project South Walker Creek Mine South West Arkansas Project Southdown Project Southeastern System Operation Southern System Operation Southey Project Spanish Mountain Project Spectrum-GJ Project Spence Mine Spor Mountain Mine Spotted Quoll Mine Spring Creek Mine Spring Mountain Mine Springpole Project Springvale Mine St Ives Mine St. Lawrence Mine Star-Orion South (Fort a la Corne) Project Stawell Mine Steelpoortdrift Project Sterling Mine Stibnite Project Stillwater Mine Stillwater Operation Stockton Mine Stockton Mine Stog’er Tight Mine Strange Lake Project Stratford Mine Stratford Duralie (Gloucester) Operation Stratmat Project Stratoni Mine Strong and Harris Project Styldrift Mine Sudbury Operation Sudbury INO Operation Sufco Mine Sugar Zone Mine Sugar Zone Expansion Project Sukari Complex Sukari OP Mine Sukari UG Mine Sukhaybarat Mine Sukunka Project Sulphur Springs Project Summit Mine Sunday Mine Complex (SMC) Mine Sunrise Project Sunrise Dam Mine Sunshine Mine Superior Lake Project Surla Mine Surubim Mine Suruca Project Surveyor OP Mine Suzdal Mine Svappavaara (Leveaniemi) Mine Syama Operation Sylvania Dump Operations Mine T17 (UG) Project Taca Taca Project Taganito Mine Taguas Project Tahmoor Mine Tahuehueto Mine Tajiri Project Tajo Norte Mine Takitimu Mine Talang Santo Mine Talapoosa Project Tallering Peak Mine Tamarack North Project Tambomayo Mine Tampia (Narembeen) Mine Tanami Mine Tanco (Bernic Lake) Mine Taparko Mine Tapira Mine Taquari-Vassouras Mine Tara Mine Target 1 Mine Target 3 Mine Tarkwa Mine Taronga Project Tarrawonga Mine Tasiast Mine Taxco Mine Taylor Mine Telfer Operation Tembang Mine Tenke Fungurume Mine Tent Mountain Project Tentekskaya Mine Tepal Project Terronera Project Thabazimbi Mine Thacker Pass Project Thakurani Ghoraburhani – Sagasahi Mine Thalanga Operation Tharisa Mine Thierry Project Thompson Mine Three Oaks Mine Thunder Bay North (TBN) Project Thunderbird Mine Thunderbox & Bronzewing Operation Thunderbox OP Mine Thunderbox UG Mine Tia Maria Project Ticlio Mine Tiger (Rackla) Project Tijirit Project Tilden Mine Timmins Operation Timmins (TTM) Project Timmins West Mine Timok Project Titan Project Tlamino Project TMG Tin (Mount Garnet Tin) Project Tocantinzinho Mine Toka Tindung Complex Toliara Project Tolillar Project Tomingley Gold Extension Project Tomingley Gold Operations Tongon Mine Tonopah Project Tonopah Lithium Claims (TLC) Project Tony M Mine Topia Mine Toquepala Mine Tormin Mine Toromocho Mine Toroparu Project Totten Mine Touquoy Mine Touro Project Tower Project Tower and Rail Project Trapper Mine Tres Cruces Project Tres Estradas Project Tres Valles Complex Trident Project Trident (Sentinel, Enterprise) Mine Tri-K Mine Trisula Kencana Sakti (TKS) Mine Tritton Operation Troilus Project Trojan Mine Tropicana Mine True North Complex Tshepong North Mine Tshepong South(Phakisa) Mine Tshikondeni Mine Tshipi Borwa Mine Tucano Mine Tucumã (Boa Esperanca) Project Tugaske Project Tujuh Bukit Gold Mine Tulkubash Project Tulu Kapi Project Tumas Project Tumela Mine Tunnel Ridge Mine Turmalina Mine Turnagain Project Turquoise Ridge Operation Turquoise Ridge Surface Mine Tusky Mine Tuvatu Mine Tweefontein Mine Twentymile (Foidel Creek) Mine Twickenham Mine Twin Hills Project Twin Pines (Shannon) Mine Two Rivers Mine Tyrone Mine Ubuntu Mine Uchucchacua Operation Uchucchacua Mine Uitkomst Mine Ulaan Ovoo Mine Ulaanbulag Mine Ulan Coal Complex Ulan No.3 Mine Ulan West Mine Ulysses Project Union Mine Union Hill Mine Unisel Mine United Taconite Mine United Wambo Mine Unki Mine Upper Beaver Project Urucum Mine Usibelli Mine Vacas Mine Vail Mine Valenciana Mines Complex Valentine Gold Project Valeria Project Valtreixal Project Vametco Mine Van Dyke Project Vanggatfontein Mine Vanscoy Mine Vares Mine Vargem Grande Complex Varvara Mine Varvara hub Operation Vatukoula Mine Vazante Mine Veladero Mine Velardena Mine Velardena-Penoles Mine Vele Mine Venetia Mine Venus Mine Vermelho Project Vermelhos Mine Vernal Mine Veta Grande Mine Vickery Extension Project Victor Mine Victoria (Sudbury Basin) Project Victory Bore Project Viento Andino (Francisco Basin) Project Viewfield Project Viper Mine Vista (Phase I) Mine Vivien Mine Vizcachitas Project Voisey's Bay Mine Volcan Project Volspruit Project Volta Grande Project Voorspoed Mine Wadi Al-Abiad Mine Wafi-Golpu Project Wahana Rimba Lestari (WRL) Project Wahgnion Mine Waihi Operation Waihi District - Marhta Project Wambo Mine Warkworth Mine Warrawoona Mine Warrior-Cardinal Mine Wasamac Project Wassa Mine Wassa Southern Extension Project Waterberg Project Waterbury Lake Project Way Linggo Mine Way Linggo Operation Weda Bay Mine Weipa Operation Weld Range Project Wendover Mine Werris Creek Mine Wessels Mine West Angelas Mine West Cache Project West Elk Mine West Kenya Project West Moreton Operation West Musgrave Project Western Range Mine Western Range Project Western Turner Syncline Mine Westwood Operation Wetar Mine Whabouchi Project Wharf Mine Wheeler River - Gryphon Project Wheeler River - Phoenix Project Whim Creek Project Whim Creek Heap Leach Project White Foil and Cutters Ridge Mine White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) Mine White Pine North Project White Springs Mine Wicheeda Project Widgiemooltha Mine Wild Boar Mine Wildcat Hills Mine Wilkie Creek Mine Willa Project Williamson Mine Willow Creek Mine Wilpinjong Mine Wiluna Mining (Matilda-Wiluna) Wiluna West C4 Operation Wiluna West JWD Mine Wimmera Project Winchester South Project Wind Mountain Project Windarra Project Windfall Lake Project Windimurra Mine Wingate Creek Mine Winsford Mine Witwatersrand Basin-Qala Shallows Project Wodgina Mine Wolfram Camp Mine Wolfsberg Project Wolverine(Perry Creek) Mine Wongawilli Mine Wonmunna Mine Woodlark Project Woodlawn Mine Woodsmith Project Woodstock Project Worsley Alumina (Boddington) Operation Woxna Project Wyodak Mine Xavantina (NX Gold) Mine Yanacocha Mine Yandera Project Yandi Mine Yandicoogina Mine Yanfolila Mine Yangibana Project Yaoure Mine Yaramoko Mine Yarrabee Mine Yatela Mine Yauli Operation Yauricocha Mine Yauricocha Expansion Project Yeelirrie Project Yellowhead Project Yellowjacket Gold Project Yerington (MacArthur) Project Yilgarn Operation Ying Operation Young-Davidson Mine Yumpag Mine Zafranal Project Zaldivar Mine Zancudo Project Zandfontein (CRM) Mine Zawar Mine Zeus Project Zgounder Mine Zgounder Expansion Mine Zhunge’er Complex Zibulo Mine Zimapan Mine Zimplats Mine Zinkgruvan Mine Zinnwald Project Zondereinde Mine Zonia Project

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