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Saudi Arabia

Ad Duwayhi Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Gold
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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SnapshotAd Duwayhi Mine is an open pit mine with a conventional Carbon-In-Leach processing facility. Production commenced in 2016 and the asset is currently Ma’aden’s largest producer.


Maaden Saudi Arabian Mining Co. 100 % Indirect
Maaden Gold and Base Metals Company (operator) 100 % Direct
Ma’aden Gold and Base Metals company (MGBM) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maaden Saudi Arabian Mining Co. (Ma’aden), operates five gold mines, i.e. Mahd Ad-Dahab, Al-Amar, Bulghah, As-Suq and Ad-Duwayhi and a processing plant at Sukhaybarat.



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Deposit type

  • Vein / narrow vein
  • Hydrothermal


Ad Duwayhi lies within the Afif composite terrain in the central Arabian Shield. The Afif terrain consists of a complex assemblage of volcanic arc sequences and a continental microplate that are overlain by successor-basin volcano-sedimentary sequences (Bani Ghayy and Murdama Groups). All these rocks were intruded by post-tectonic granitic rocks.

The deposit lies at the southern end of a zone of Pre-Cambrian volcano-sedimentary rock, which have been overprinted by greenschist facies metamorphism. The deposit is located to the north of a fault bounded belt of folded meta- sediments and plutonic rocks. A granodiorite body lies to the east of the deposit, with the deposit stratigraphy cut by multiple intrusive dykes and sills of dolerite, rhyolite, porphyritic granite and a polymict breccia pipe.

The main mineralisation is associated with a curved thrust structure with an average strike of 045° and dip of 45° southeast, curving from a northerly direction in the southwest to an easterly direction in the northeast. There are other more minor mineralised structures on different trends.

Hydrothermal alteration is common across the deposit area comprising silicification (everpresent), quartz-sericite-pyrite, potassic and propylitic. The quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration is most closely associated with the gold mineralisation.

The main mineralisation is structurally controlled by the curved thrust structure, with a thrust zone typically between 2m to 10m thick with heavily deformed cataclastic rocks with well developed quartz veins. Thin, high-grade gold veins are also found outside of the main mineralised vein.

Gold is typically found associated with pyrite and tetrahedrite (3% to 5% by volume), and is found in the form of fine grained free gold (>5µm), not locked within other sulphides, although some is found in gold and silver tellurides.

It should be noted that gold mineralisation is also present as placer deposits in the vicinity of the deposit, within the colluvial material.

In summary, the geology and major controls on the mineralisation appear to be well understood, aiding the ability to model the deposit effectively and appropriately. The deposit exhibits typical features of shear-zone gold deposits.



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills


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Gold oz  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe263,408274,519163,10456,314
All production numbers are expressed as metal in doré.

Operational metrics

Annual processing capacity  ....  Subscribe2.3 Mt2 Mt
Ore tonnes mined  ....  Subscribe5,095,303 t4,489,793 t
Waste  ....  Subscribe16,863,941 t16,173,096 t
Tonnes milled  ....  Subscribe2,071,125 t1,311,615 t

Production Costs

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Revenue M SAR 777.7  

Heavy Mobile Equipment

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Mine Management

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....................... Subscription required ....................... Subscription required Subscription required Jun 20, 2024

Total WorkforceYear
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Aerial view:


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