Northern Operations (Otter Juan/Durkin North and Long) Mine

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Mine TypeUnderground
  • Nickel
  • Copper
Mining Method
  • Longhole stoping
  • Longitudinal stoping
  • Avoca
Backfill type ... Lock
Production Start... Lock
SnapshotNorthern Operations is part of Kambalda Nickel Operations (“KNO”) and consist of Durkin North (to be accessed via the Otter Juan mine) and Long.

During FY2022, Mincor successfully completed construction and commissioning programs at the Northern Operations.

First development ore was extracted from the Northern Operations in December 2021. The first stope was fired in the 495 Level at Durkin North in June 2022.

First processing of ore from KNO was achieved in May 2022, sourced from a steady build up of development ore stockpiles delivered to the concentrator between February and early May 2022, resulting in the first revenue in June 2022.

January 22, 2024 - Wyloo will temporarily shut down the Western Australian nickel mines due to low nickel prices. Wyloo will now put the Cassini, Long and Durkin mines into care and maintenance from May 31, 2024.
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Wyloo Metals Pty Ltd 100 % Indirect
Northern Operations is 100% owned by Mincor Resources NL.

Mincor Resources NL was removed from the Official List at the close of trading on 25 July 2023 under Listing Rule 17.14, following compulsory acquisition of its remaining securities by Wyloo Consolidated Investments Pty Ltd.

Wyloo Metals’ acquisition of Mincor Resources makes Wyloo a producer of high-grade nickel sulphide from its acquired Cassini and Northern Operations mines.



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Deposit type

  • VMS


There are two mining areas in the Durkin North mine plan, being the D1/D2 area and the D3/D5 area. The D1/D2 area strikes predominantly east-west with a strike length of ~550m, extending from ~-85mRL (~420 mbs) to -260mRL (175m extent). This area gently plunges to the north resulting in a long strike over a relatively small vertical extent. The orebody in D1/D2 is generally narrow (1-3m), with one main lode and a small hangingwall splay in the southern area. The orebody dips to the north, with dips ranging from relatively shallow dipping (down to 45° in parts) up to 75°. The D3/D5 area strikes southeast/northwest with a strike length of ~380 m, extending from -270mRL to -450mRL (180 m extent). The plunge in this area tends to vertical. Dips are generally steeper than D1/D2, ranging from 65-80° to the north-east. The D3/D5 area contains several closely spaced economically extractable lodes in parallel, with widths 1-3m.

The Long Mineral Resource generally strikes northwest-southeast. The Mineral Resource is spread out over an extensive area. Ore pod strike lengths are variable, ranging from 20-30m to ~500m. Some areas dip steeply and continuously to the north-east at approximately 70-80°, while other ore pods are flat dipping at 15-25°. The orebody is generally less than 2m thick.



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills

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Long nickel operation was transitioned to care and maintenance in June 2018.
CommodityUnits201820172016LOM (Projected)
Copper t 394592610
All production numbers are expressed as metal in concentrate.

Operational metrics

Ore tonnes mined 181,822 t205,372 t215,337 t
Tonnes milled 181,822 t205,372 t215,337 t

Production Costs

** Net of By-Product.


Revenue M AUD 64.8   70.5  
Pre-tax Income M AUD 1.4   0.7  

Heavy Mobile Equipment


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Mine Management

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Aerial view:


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