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Black Warrior Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Coal (metallurgical)
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  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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Deposit type

  • Sedimentary


The coal deposits are Carboniferous in age, being of the Pennsylvanian system, located within the Black Warrior Coal Basin. The regional structure is typically characterized by gently dipping strata to the southeast at less than 2 degrees towards the axis of the Coalburg Syncline. Seams of economic significance typically range between 0.5 feet and 3.1 feet of coal thickness, with relatively little structural deformation.

Due to the relative structural simplicity of the deposits and the reasonable continuity of the tabular coal beds, the principal geological interpretation necessary to define the geometry of the coal deposits is the proper modelling of their thickness and elevation. Both coal thickness and quality data are insufficient to categorize all of the resource as measured and indicated. Additional exploration will be required to convert areas that are currently classified as inferred into measured and/or indicated status. Therefore, there is a reasonable level of confidence in the geologic interpretations required for coal resource determination based on the available data and the techniques applied to the data.

The Mine comprises the highly regarded Mary Lee, Blue Creek, and Newcastle coal seams.

The major structural feature within the Black Warrior coal basin is the Sequatchie anticline trending northeast to southwest through the center of the study area. The Warrior syncline lies to the west of the Sequatchie anticline and the Coalburg syncline lies to the east. Faulting is widespread in the Warrior basin with high-angle faults predominating and fault grabens common.

The faults in the Warrior basin range up to 6 miles in length. The maximum vertical displacement reported by Sernrnes (19) - is about 200 feet; however, displacement of more than 100 feet is rare.

The seam height for all three coals vary across the deposit:
§ Newcastle is very thin and ranges from 0.5 foot to 1 foot seam height;
§ Mary Lee ranges from 1.25 foot to 3 foot seam height; and
§ Blue Creek ranges from 1.25 foot to 2.75 foot seam height.

The Newcastle sits around 20 foot above the Mary Lee and the Mary Lee is around 2 foot above the Blue Creek.



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In August 2021, Allegiance Group acquired 100% of the voting equity instruments of Black Warrior Minerals Inc. The reporting period has been changed.
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