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Mahenge Project

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Graphite
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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SnapshotBlack Rock Mining Limited has an 84% interest in the world-class Mahenge Graphite Project (Mahenge) located in Tanzania. In October 2018, the Company released a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for Mahenge. This was enhanced (eDFS) in July 2019. Black Rock has obtained all Environmental approvals, Mining Licences and its Resettlement Action Plan with clear title to the eDFS project area.

In December 2021, Black Rock signed a Framework Agreement with the Government of Tanzania confirming a 16% Free Carried Interest shareholding, agreed to consolidate its Mining Licenses into a Special Mining Licence (SML). The SML for Mahenge was issued in September 2022. The Company is now construction-ready subject to financing. Black Rock completed a FEED process in September 2022, re-estimating the capital and operating costs for Mahenge as part of the eDFS Update. The eDFS Update confirmed Mahenge as a robust project with attractive returns.


Government of Tanzania 16 % Indirect
Black Rock Mining Ltd. 84 % Indirect
At the signing ceremony held on 13th December 2021, attended by the President of Tanzania, Her Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan, the Minister of Minerals Hon. Doto Biteko (MP) signed the Agreement with Black Rock, confirming the Government’s commitment to jointly develop the Mahenge Graphite Mine. Under the Agreement, the following structure has been agreed: • A Joint Venture (JV) Company, Faru Graphite Corporation (Faru), has been established to develop the Mahenge Graphite Mine. The Tanzanian Government will own a 16% undiluted free-carried interest shareholding in Faru, with 84% owned by Black Rock via its wholly owned UK subsidiary company, Mahenge Resources Limited; • A Special Mining Licence (SML) will be granted to unify existing Mining Licences ML 611/2019 and ML 612/2019 and a part of Prospecting Licence PL 13752/2019; • Existing approved Environmental Permits and Resettlement Action Plans granted to ML’s 611 and 612 will be grandfathered to the SML.



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Deposit type

  • Metamorphic


The Project is located within the rocks of the Proterozoic Mozambique Orogenic Belt that extends throughout eastern Africa. It consists of high-grade mid-crustal rocks with a Neoproterozoic metamorphic overprint. The Mozambique Belt is divided into the Western Granulite and the Eastern Granulite. The two granulites are separated by flat-lying thrust zones and younger sedimentary basins of the Karoo.

The belt has undergone granulite phase metamorphism that has been subsequently retrograded to upper amphibolite facies. Structurally, the Mahenge region has undergone intense deformation forming a tight poly-phase sequence of marble, mafic and felsic gneisses and graphitic schists as part of the km-scale Mahenge Synform. The Mineral Resources are located on the western flank of the synform where the bedding and foliation dip between 60° and 80° towards the east. The units typically strike to the north and rotate to the northeast as they wrap around the fold nose.

The deposit type is described as schist hosted flaky graphite. The mineralisation is hosted within upper amphibolite facies gneiss of the Mozambique Mobile Belt.

Over 95% of the exposures within the tenement comprise 3 main rock types that include alternating sequences of:
• Graphitic schist – feldspar and quartz rich varieties.
• Marble and, • Biotite and hornblende granulites.
• Less common rock types include quartzite.

The modelled mineralized zone for Ulanzi has dimensions of 2,500m (surface trace striking 020°) with four zones averaging in thickness of between 50-60m and ranging between 400m and 760m RL (AMSL).

The modelled mineralized zone for Epanko has dimensions of 1,025m (surface trace striking 000°) averaging in thickness of between 55-80m and ranging between 640m and 1,025m RL (AMSL).

The modelled mineralized zone for Cascade has dimensions of 900m (surface trace striking 020°) averaging in thickness 70m and ranging between 560m and 900m RL (AMSL).



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills


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CommodityUnitsAvg. AnnualLOM
Graphite kt 3477,400
All production numbers are expressed as concentrate.

Operational metrics

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Production Costs

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Project Costs

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Mine Management

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