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South Africa

Barbrook Mine

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Mine TypeUnderground
StatusInactive / Suspended
  • Gold
Mining Method
  • Open stoping
  • Sub-level stoping
SnapshotThe Lily and Barbrook mines have been the subject of a dispute after the operations were placed under business rescue after the Lily mine collapsed in February 2016, killing three mineworkers who were trapped in a container underground.


Lomshiyo Investments (Pty) Ltd. 26 % Indirect
Vantage Goldfields Ltd. 74 % Indirect
Vantage Goldfields Limited (an Australian company) indirectly owns 74% of the shares in Barbrook Mines (Pty) Ltd.

Vantage is committed to the its business rescue and reopening of the Lily and Barbrook mines.

Arqomanzi is independent creditor. Arqomanzi is seeking to assume the business rescue rights and take control to reopen the Lily and Barbrook gold mines.

3 January 2022 - The rescue of the Vantage companies and reopening of the Lily and Barbrook mines continue to be delayed and frustrated by Arqomanzi’s incessant litigation. The Arqomanzi Parties have been litigating with the Vantage Group for three years, in ten different actions.

Vantage continues to dispute that Arqomanzi is a substantial creditor of the Vantage companies and these matters are the subject of appeals to the courts.

Deposit type

  • Banded iron formation


Gold mineralization associated with shearing in these zones is primarily BIF-hosted and has been mined to a relatively limited extent in the past from steeply plunging ore shoots. Secondary mineralization also occurs in greenschist adjacent to the BIFs. Shearing is primarily concentrated along two parallel faults of regional extent, known colloquially as the Barbrook and Zwartkoppie Lines.

The ore bodies along the Barbrook Line are aligned along a succession of BIF/chert and meta volcanic lithologies. On the Zwartkoppie Line, a series of tight folds with sub-vertical fold axes form the foci of mineralization within intercalated schist, chert and BIF host rocks.

Barbrook has a well-established surface infrastructure (plant, workshops, laboratory, tailings dam, etc.), extensive underground development (>50 km) and readily accessible areas for mining. No ore extraction and very little exploration have been undertaken to date below 10 Level. Access to the main underground sections is via two equipped adits, respectively on 7 and 10 Levels, which are separated by 150 vertical meters.



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