Mainpat Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Bauxite
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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ShapshotThe mining operation is temporarily discontinued at the Mainpat mine since 11.10.2019 for uneconomic operations.


Vedanta Resources plc. 34.77 % Indirect
Government of India 49 % Indirect
Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. (BALCO) (operator) 100 % Direct



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Deposit type

  • Laterite
  • Bauxite


Regional geology.
Areas are mostly covered by soil or laterite / bauxite capping. The low plateau consists of rocks of Achaean age. These include mica schist and quartzites, calc silicate rocks, amphibolites, granite and granite gneiss, pegmatite’s and quartz veins. Immediately overlying the Achaeans with an unconformity occur over rocks of Gondwana age consisting of coarse ferruginous sandstone and conglomerate. The Gondwana’s are overlain by Lameta with an unconformity. The Lameta starts with conglomerate at the base and other rock units include ferruginous grits, sometimes with shaly & clayey partings and calcareous grits. Overlying the Lameta occur almost horizontal Deccan Trap basalts which are massive, dark grey, hard and compact, finally overlying this trap rock occurs laterite with lithomarge clays and weathered basalts in between.

Local Geology.
The bauxite occurs in lensoid form within the laterite horizon which comprises various recognizable lithologic units.

The zone of lithomarge is quite distinctive and well defined and forms the lowest horizon of the laterite profile. It occurs just above the trap and thus separates it at few places in deep nalla beds and also along the scarps. The lithomarge is quite soft and plastic in nature. The average thickness of this zone is varies from 1.5 to 3.5 m.

The bauxite occurs in lensoid forms in laterite profile, generally below soil and pisolitic laterite. The bauxite can be put into two categories, i.e. pisolitic bauxite and massive bauxite. The pisolitic bauxite consists of closely packed pisolites ranging from few mm to 5 cm. It occurs mostly in upper horizon of the laterite above bauxite zone. The main mineral constituent is Gibbsite. These ore bodies persist up to maximum depth of 10 m. from the surface. The average thickness of bauxite deposit varies from 0.4 m. to 4.0 m. in the form of lenses. The intensity of bauxite is more in central part of the plateau and decreases towards the scraps. The upper contact of bauxite with overlying pisolitic laterite is quite sharp where as its lower contact is gradational.



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills

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Bauxite kt  ....  Subscribe589,32073,170455
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Operational metrics

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Stripping / waste ratio  ....  Subscribe1.14 6.37

Production Costs

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Heavy Mobile Equipment


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Mine Management

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