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Marfork Complex

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Mine TypeOpen Pit & Underground
  • Coal (metallurgical)
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
  • Highwall
  • Continuous
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SnapshotMarfork is a mining complex has three active underground mines which produce High-Vol. A quality met coal from the Eagle coal seam and one active underground mine that produces mid-vol quality met coal from the Glen Alum Tunnel seam. The complex also has two active surface mines which produce High-Vol. A quality met coal as well as some thermal quality coal as a by-product of mining from multiple coal seams.

Coal from the underground mines is processed at the Marfork Preparation Plant and loaded onto the CSX rail for delivery to customers. Coal from the surface mines may be processed through the Marfork Preparation Plant or trucked directly to the Pax Loadout or the Marmet Dock for delivery to customers.
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Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Inc. 100 % Indirect
The Marfork Property involves a complex combination of previous ownership. Predecessors of Alpha, namely Alpha Natural Resources (Alpha) and Massey Energy (Massey) previously held mining rights on most of the Property.



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Deposit type

  • Sedimentary


The Property lies in the Central Appalachian Coal basin in the Appalachian Plateau physiographic province.

Coal seams and zones of economic significance typically range between 24 and 48 inches in thickness, with relatively little structural deformation.

Strata on the Property are mostly of the Pennsylvanian-age Kanawha Formation and the older, lower Beckley and Fire Creek seams are part of the New River Formation of the Pottsville Series. The rock formations between the coal seams are characterized by large proportions of sandstone interspersed with shale units.

Coal seams with remaining reserve or resource potential evaluated within this TRS include, in descending stratigraphic order the: Upper, Middle and Lower Clarion; Stockton, Upper Coalburg, Coalburg, Lower Coalburg, Upper Winifrede Rider, Upper Winifrede, Winifrede, Lower Winifrede, Upper Chilton A, Middle Chilton A, Chilton A Upper Split, Chilton A Lower Split, Chilton A, Chilton Rider, Upper Chilton, Lower Chilton, Chilton, Upper Hernshaw, Lower Hernshaw, Upper Cedar Grove Upper Split, Upper Cedar Grove Lower Split, Middle Cedar Grove, Lower Cedar Grove Upper Split, Lower Cedar Grove, Peerless Upper Split, Peerless Lower Split, Peerless C, Upper No. 2 Gas, Lower No. 2 Gas, Powellton, Lower Powellton, Powellton Lower Split, Powellton Lower Split Upper, Upper Eagle Rider 2, Powellton Lower Split Lower, Upper Eagle Rider, Upper Eagle, Eagle A, Eagle, Little Eagle, Glen Alum Tunnel, Beckley and Fire Creek seams.

The generalized stratigraphic columnar section the vertical relationship of the principal coal seams and rock formations on the Workman Creek and Marfork Property.

The coal produced at the Marfork Mining Complex is mainly a High-volatile metallurgical bituminous coal. The higher rank Glen Alum and Beckley coals will produce a Mid-Volatile and a Low-Volatile product.

Due to the high value of these High Volatile coking coals, all the seams have been extensively mined the past. Generally, the coal rank increases with depth whereas the highest seams stratigraphically and physically on the hills exhibit the greatest volatile matter content and deepest seams exhibit the lowest volatile matter content. The highest structural elevations are along the southeastern margin of the Property with the strata generally dipping toward northwest. The Marfork underground coal seams of interest above drainage include the Chilton through the Glen Alum Tunnel and are accessible via an outcrop faceup. Below-drainage seams of interest include the Beckley and the Fire Creek and would require slope development access. The rock formations between the coal seams are characterized by large portions of sandstone with shale units interspersed throughout.



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Mining Methods


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All production numbers are expressed as clean coal.

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