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Moolart Well Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Gold
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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SnapshotMoolart Well site is a part of Duketon North Operations (DNO). DNO comprises the Moolart Well, Gloster and Dogbolter pits with all ore processed through the Moolart Well processing plant.

The majority of open pit mining at DNO will continue at the Moolart pits until they come to the end of their current Reserves in the December quarter 2023.
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Regis Resources Ltd. 100 % Indirect
Current registered holders of the tenements are Regis Resources Ltd and Duketon Resources Pty Ltd (100% Regis owned subsidiary).

Deposit type

  • Mesothermal
  • Vein / narrow vein


Moolart Well, as part of the DNO, is a mesothermal gold deposit hosted dominantly in intermediate diorite intrusives but also in dolerite, basalt and to some degree ultramafic rock types. Hypogene gold mineralisation is structurally controlled in fresh rock and to a lesser extent in oxidised rock. Competency contrasts between rock types are thought to pay a major role in providing the architecture in which mineralisation occurs. The gold is associated with multiple local moderate to steep east dipping N-S striking structures. These are offset by a series of NW-SE striking post to syn-mineralisation structures which are also partly mineralised.

Moolart Well is a blind gold deposit with several styles of gold occurring within the regolith profile. In transported regolith extending to 20m depth, a Laterite Ore Zone is defined by a coherent sub-horizontal gold blanket consisting of colluvial ironstone and pisolites in a clayey iron rich matrix. The Laterite Zone has an average thickness of 4m, extends over 5km N-S and 1km E-W and in some areas extends within 2m of the surface. Below the Laterite Zone in the residual regolith is the Oxide Zone extending from 20 to 70m vertical depth with a similar lateral extent to the Laterite Zone. Oxide mineralisation consists of numerous primary moderate to steep 60° east dipping gold bearing structures preserved in the clay rich residual profile and sub-horizontal supergene gold developed in the lower part of the profile. Host rocks for the Oxide Zone are a sequence of moderate to steep east dipping Archaean mafic rocks, including basalt and dolerite sills, and ultramafic flow sequence, intruded by late stage high level diorite and quartz-diorite sills and dykes. Primary hypogene gold mineralisation exists below the Oxide Zone but has been poorly drilled to date.

A model of the lithology and weathering was generated prior to the mineralisation domain interpretation commencing. The mineralisation geometry has a very strong relationship with the lithological interpretation and structure in both the laterite and the oxide/fresh mineralisations. The updated Reserve for Moolart Well includes numerous open pits, including the addition of three new mining areas (Buckingham, Eindhoven and Mitchell).

The approximate dimensions of the deposit are 5,000m along strike (N-S), 700m across (E-W) for both laterite and oxide/fresh. The laterite mineralisation extends 25m maximum from surface, and the oxide/fresh mineralisation has been drilled up to 430m below surface.



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Operational metrics

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