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Kingston Complex

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Mine TypeOpen Pit & Underground
  • Coal (metallurgical)
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
  • Continuous
  • Highwall
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SnapshotKingston Complex has one active underground mine, which produces primarily Mid-Vol. quality met coal from the Douglas coal seam. The complex also has four active surface mines which produced High-Vol. A quality met coal as well as some thermal quality coal as a by-product of mining from multiple coal seams.
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Deposit type

  • Sedimentary


The Property lies in the Central Appalachian Coal basin in the Appalachian Plateau physiographic province.

The coal deposits on the Property are Carboniferous in age, being of the Pennsylvanian system.

Strata on the Property are mostly of the Pennsylvanian-age Kanawha Formation and the older, lower Sewell seam is part of the New River Formation of the Pottsville Series. The rock formations between the coal seams are characterized by large proportions of sandstone interspersed with shale units.

Coal seams with remaining reserve or resource potential evaluated within this TRS include, in descending stratigraphic order the: Upper, Middle and Lower Clarion; Stockton, Upper Coalburg, Coalburg, Lower Coalburg, Upper Winifrede Rider, Upper Winifrede, Winifrede, Lower Winifrede, Upper Chilton A, Middle Chilton A, Chilton A Upper Split, Chilton A Lower Split, Chilton A, Chilton Rider, Upper Chilton, Lower Chilton, Chilton, Upper Hernshaw, Lower Hernshaw, Upper Cedar Grove Upper Split, Upper Cedar Grove Lower Split, Middle Cedar Grove, Lower Cedar Grove Upper Split, Lower Cedar Grove, Peerless Upper Split, Peerless Lower Split, Peerless C, Upper No. 2 Gas, Lower No. 2 Gas, Powellton, Lower Powellton, Powellton Lower Split, Powellton Lower Split Upper, Upper Eagle Rider 2, Powellton Lower Split Lower, Upper Eagle Rider, Upper Eagle, Eagle A, Eagle Upper Split, Eagle Lower Split, Eagle, Little Eagle, Little Eagle Lower Split, War Eagle, Glen Alum Tunnel Upper Split, Glen Alum Tunnel Douglas and Sewell seams.

The Kingston Mining Complex currently produces predominantly a High-Volatile-A product and Mid- Volatile product (with by-product thermal coal).

Due to the long history of mining in the region, high value of these coking coals, all the seams have been extensively mined in the past. The coal seams reach the highest structural elevations along the southeastern margin of the Property, dipping toward the northwest. The surface mine seams, and the Douglas seam are all situated above drainage or near and are therefore accessible via outcrop. The Sewell seam is below drainage and has not been developed. The rock formations between the coal seams are characterized by sandstone and shale units interspersed throughout.



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills

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All production numbers are expressed as clean coal.

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Mine Management

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