Hollinger Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Gold
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
Production Start... Lock
Mine Life2024
ShapshotHollinger open pit is a part of Porcupine Operation.

Hollinger open pit is nearing the end of its mine life, but Newmont is just starting to bring on another nearby Pamour open project.

Regarding the Pamour Pit Project, located east of the city on Highway 101, work is well underway and the employees from the Hollinger Pit Project will simply transfer to the new site.
Related AssetPorcupine Operation


Newmont Corp. 100 % Indirect
The Hollinger mine is 100% indirectly owned by Newmont Corp.

Deposit type

  • Vein / narrow vein
  • Porphyry


The Hollinger Open Pit is a part of Porcupine Gold Mines, is situated in the gold-mining City of Timmins, in northern Ontario, Canada. Mineralization at Hollinger comprises multiple generations of quartz-carbonate-tourmaline albite veins, associated pyrite alteration envelopes, and disseminated pyrite mineralization.

The Hollinger-McIntyre is a giant deposit, located in the Porcupine Mining Camp of northeastern Ontario. The Porcupine Camp, located above a sequence of Archean basaltic volcanic rocks, led to the establishment of Timmins.

The Hollinger-McIntyre deposit is hosted by mafic volcanic rocks of the central and upper Tisdale assemblages that are intruded by porphyritic intrusions. Mafic volcanic rocks in the deposit have generally been divided into three units: the Northern, Central and Vipond Formations.

The Hollinger Mine historically was developed on gold bearing veins which are structurally controlled by lithologic contacts and deformation zones associated with altered Central and Vipond Formation volcanics. These units strike N55E and 70 SE, and are folded into an anticline. The Northern formation occurs in the core of Central Tisdale Anticline. The Central Formation hosts most of the major veins systems in the Hollinger and McIntyre mines. It is comprised of a heterogeneous sequence and the basal units in the Central Formation are the most important ore hosts in the deposit. The Vipond Formation is the youngest volcanic package in the deposit area.

The lavas have been intruded by a group of porphyry stocks, the largest of which is the Pearl Lake Porphyry. The porphyries are generally conformable to the folds within enclosed rocks and plunge at 45 to 50 degrees E. The porphyry deposits occur in areas of bedrock depressions beneath the lakes, suggesting that they are softer and more prone to erosion than the mafic volcanic rock units that they intrude into.

The core of the Hollinger-McIntyre deposits is an elliptical area of high strain developed along the south limb of the Central Tisdale anticline which surrounds the Pearl Lake porphyry and is approximately 450 to 600 m wide by more than 3 km in length. The elliptical fold of Central Tisdale anticline contains a series of subsidiary folds including the Northern anticline, Hollinger syncline and the Hollinger anticline. The elliptical nature of this structure in plan is due to the non-cylindrical, doubly plunging properties that closes the structure to both the east and west.

Mining Methods


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Operational metrics

Ore tonnes mined 0000000000000000
Waste 0000000000000000
Total tonnes mined 0000000000000000
Daily mining rate 30,000 t
Tonnes milled

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