Atasu Mine

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Mine TypeUnderground
  • Iron Ore
Mining Method
  • Sub-level caving
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ShapshotA Atasu project is currently underway to complete a detailed study for the development of the -10m level, which is anticipated to replace the current ore source once it is fully depleted.


JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau (operator) 100 % Direct
Qazaqstan Investment Corp. 100 % Indirect
Atasu mine is 100% owned by ArcelorMittal and integrated into and operated by ArcelorMittal Temirtau steel business as captive mines.

On October 22, 2023, a preliminary agreement was signed with the Government of Kazakhstan for the transfer of ownership of ArcelorMittal Temirtau to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Includes the expected transfer of ArcelorMittal Temirtau, ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Aktau (AMTPA) and the Kazakhstan holding company which owns the AMTPA investment.

On December 8, 2023, ArcelorMittal completed the sale of ArcelorMittal Temirtau, its Kazakh steel and mining operation, to the Qazaqstan Investment Corporation (‘QIC’), a state-controlled direct investment fund.

All ArcelorMittal Temirtau assets have been transferred on an ‘as is’ operational basis, meaning QIC has now assumed control and accountability for ArcelorMittal Temirtau’s operations, which will be renamed.



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Deposit type

  • Skarn


The Atasu mine is located near the town of Karajan in the Atasu district. The mine deposit is a skarn. The ore is composed by 25% Hematite and 75% Magnetite. The Atasu mine is hosted by the West Karazhal deposit, which is a primary hematite ore with associated manganese mineralization. Studies have indicated that the deposit could have a sedimentary-volcanogenic origin caused by underwater hydrothermal activity. The analogous bedding of sedimentary breccias is typical of the Karazhal deposits in Central Kazakhstan and probably of other manganese bearing regions as well. The deposit is located within the wing of the Zhailma trough and extends from west to east for 5500 m with a southern dip at an angle of 350. The ore deposit that makes up the deposit is a consistent mineralization in the form of layers of iron and manganese ores with a thickness of iron ores (2.0 - 20.6m), manganese ores (2-8m) with blow-ups up to 30m. The ore deposit has been traced to a depth of up to 1720m, dipping to the west at an angle of (10-150). The deposit is conditionally divided into three mine fields: I - 64m, II - 46m, III - 24m. The total thickness of the ore strata averages 44 m. According to the mineralogical composition, the iron ores of the Western Karazhal deposit are a mixture of the main ore minerals hematite and magnetite with a variable amount of quartz and calcite. Minor minerals are siderite, ferruginous chlorites, stilpnomelane, and pyrite. According to the predominance of iron minerals, hematite, magnetite-hematite and magnetite natural types of ores are distinguished. According to the predominance of the main ore minerals, brownite, hausmanite, jacobsite and hematite-brownite ores are distinguished among manganese ores. The average content of the main chemical components (iron and manganese) in the balance ores of the Western Karazhal is respectively: iron ores - 51.06 and 1.03%; manganese ores - 9.28 and 20.04%. In both iron and manganese ores, the content of such harmful components as arsenic and phosphorus pentoxide is low (0.01–0.02% and 0.04–0.09%, respectively). The basicity coefficient of iron ores is low (0.14 - 0.18), therefore, in the metallurgical processing, iron ores require fluxing. The sulfur content in manganese ores is low - 0.05–0.06%, arsenic - 0.01–0.02%. Relatively increased content of lead (up to 1.92%) and zinc (up to 0.68%).



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills

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Iron Ore Mt  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe0.90.810.80.9
All production numbers are expressed as lump & fines.

Operational metrics

Annual mining capacity  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe2,200 kt of ore2,200 kt of ore2,200 kt of ore2,200 kt of ore
Ore tonnes mined  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe1.7 Mt

Production Costs

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Heavy Mobile Equipment

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Mine Management

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Aerial view:


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