Chapadao Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
  • Phosphate rock
  • Niobium
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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SnapshotChapadao phosphate unit is one of the largest producers of phosphate rock in Brazil. From the mine located in Ouvidor (GO) where the mineral is extracted to produce low and high concentration fertilizers, the material is sent to the industrial plants of Catalão (GO) and Cubatão (SP), where phosphate products are made, containing the best phosphate levels in the Brazilian market.


CMOC Group Ltd. 100 % Indirect
The CMOC Group Ltd. indirectly owns 100% equity interests in the Chapadao mine through its subsidiary CMOC Brasil Mineração Indústria e Participações Ltda.



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Deposit type

  • Carbonatite hosted


The Chapadão pit is located in the carbonated complex designated as Domo I (o Complex Catalão I), which belongs to the Igneous Province of Alto Paranaiba. The area is characterized by a weathering profile developed in an intrusive lithology which consists of five types of materials: fresh rock, altered rock, saprolite (two types), and lateritic soil cover.

Catalão I complex
The phoscorite-carbonatite complex Catalão I is an approximately 5 km diameter circular structure. Within this complex, rocks were concentrically emplaced, with a predominant carbonatitic rock core which is surrounded by phoscorites and in turn surrounded by silicate rocks, such as pyroxenite. The rock types are closely associated with the mineralisation in the complex with niobium mineralisation located in the core of the complex (in the phoscorite-carbonatite zone) which is in turn surrounded by high-grade phosphate mineralisation (phoscorite zone) followed by the outer low grade phosphate mineralisation (pyroxenite zone).

As such Complex I hosts both Niobium and Phosphate economically significant mineralisation.

Chapadão – Phosphate
Weathering processes generated a thick weathering cover that, on average, is 150m thick which typically contains the horizontal tabular mineralised zones which are very extensive. During the weathering process some layers were silicified due to the water table variation, resulting in hard material within the mineralised zone. Mineralisation typically occurs as Apatite with the content varying based on the weathering profile which are outlined below:
- Red and yellow laterites, the base of this unit is enriched in magnetite; therefore rich in Fe2O3, which is the main component of the soil. This layer contains no mineralisation.
- Oxide level has the highest degree of alteration and its texture ranges from sandy to argillaceous, depending on the quantity of apatite and magnetite.
- Silexite can be found in the contact between the phlogopite zone and the vermiculite zone, or between the oxide mineralisation and the vermiculite zone. It can be found as vertical or horizontal deposits. It normally contains high grades of P2O5, but also high grades of Fe2O3;
- Vermiculite zone is found on top of the phlogopite zone and is represented by interstratified minerals, rhythmic layers of phlogopite and vermiculite,
- Phlogopite zone: the mica is fresher than in the previous layers,
- Partial weathered layer contains mainly carbonates; primary structures are clearly seen and also boulders often occur.



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills


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Phosphate rock kt  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe1,0981,1161,1531,1681,111
All production numbers are expressed as fertilizer. ^ Guidance / Forecast.

Operational metrics

Ore tonnes mined  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe5,616 kt
Tonnes processed  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe5.61 Mt5.64 Mt
Annual mining capacity  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe17 Mt
Annual processing capacity  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe  ....  Subscribe5.8 Mt

Production Costs

Commodity production costs have not been reported.


Capital expenditures M USD
Revenue M RMB 2,834  
Operating Income M RMB 131.1  
Pre-tax Income M RMB 131.1  
After-tax Income M RMB 39.8  

Heavy Mobile Equipment


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Mine Management

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Aerial view:


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