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Tugaske Project

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Mine TypeIn-Situ
  • Potassium
Mining Method
  • Solution mining
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SnapshotThe project is fully permitted and ready for construction.

The completion of the financing for the Tugaske Project is progressing towards.


Gensource Potash Corp. 100 % Indirect
Gensource Potash Corporation is in the final stage of financing one of its vertically integrated, small-scale potash production facilities (referred to as “modules”), in its 100% owned “Vanguard Area” comprising Government of Saskatchewan potash mineral leases KL 244 and KL 245.

Gensource had created the joint venture project company: KClean Potash Corporation (“KClean”). KClean is a Saskatchewan corporation and will be the entity that is ultimately financed and will construct and own the Tugaske Project. At the time of this report, the shareholder agreement for KClean has been negotiated between Gensource and HELM and will be executed upon HELM’s equity investment into KClean.



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Deposit type

  • Sedimentary
  • Evaporite


In Saskatchewan, the target beds for potash are the potash-bearing members of the Prairie Evaporite sequence contained within the Elk Point Group; a Devonian Aged sedimentary sequence in Western Canada, Montana and North Dakota. There is a total of three (3) significant potash-bearing members that make up the Prairie Evaporite Formation (in descending order): the Patience Lake member (PLM), the Belle Plaine member (BPM) and the Esterhazy member (EZM), which are situated at the top of a halite-dominated sequence, overlying the dolomitic Winnipegosis Formation. The halite-dominated evaporite sequence is itself overlain by the Dawson Bay Formation, another dolomitic-dominated formation, with the Second Red Beds, red dolomitic shales, as the boundary between itself and the underlying evaporites. The potash-bearing members are relatively flat lying, with a very slight regional southward dip. “Mounds” may occur in the Winnipegosis, corresponding to ancient reefs in the carbonates, and are sometimes associated with thinning or “leaching” anomalies in the overlying potash members.

The potash mineralisation within the Prairie Evaporite Formation is relatively uncomplicated. The dominating constituents are halite (NaCl), sylvite (KCl) and carnallite (KMgCl3.6(H2O)); sylvite being the main ore mineral. The salt (i.e., non-clay seam) is generally confined to halite, sylvite and minor anhydrite, as well as carnallite (mostly in the Esterhazy member). The anhydrite content in the salt ranges from absent to 2.7 % (Patience Lake) and 3% (Belle Plaine).



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills


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CommodityUnitsAvg. Annual
Potassium t 250,000
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Operational metrics

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* According to 2021 study.

Production Costs

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* According to 2021 study / presentation.

Project Costs

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Mine Management

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