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Arcturus Mine

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Mine TypeUnderground
  • Gold
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SnapshotThe most recent full year production data were publicly available for 2015 (as of May 25, 2021).

The mine was acquired by Businessman Tawanda Nyambirai in 2017.

Apr 20, 2022 - Arcturus Mine's new US$7million gold processing plant is 65 percent complete and set for completion by the third quarter this year.


TN Securities (Pvt) Ltd. 100 % Indirect
TN gold is a mining company owned by Business mogul Tawanda Nyambira. The company owns Arcturus Gold Mine which previously belonged to Britain based Metallon Gold.

Deposit type

  • Hydrothermal


Arcturus is situated (in the Enterprise belt) in the southern limb of the Harare Greenstone Belt. Orebodies generally comprise individual lenses which range from 0.2 m to 5.0 m in width and dip from 55° to 70°.

The Arcturus gold mine, located within the Shamvaian Group, is hosted in the Iron Mask Formation, which comprises a succession of metamorphosed felsic volcanics and associated metasediments including prominent bands of sulphide-facies iron formation, phyllites, meta-arenites, and quartzose schists (Oberthur et al., 2000). The mineralized shear zones in the Arcturus mine are characterized by silicification, biotite, and K-feldspar alteration. Gold mineralization is associated with pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite, and also occurs as free gold, which contributed up to 10% of production.

There are 6 major reefs at Arcturus: Venus, Arcturus, West, Slate, Saturn, Planet.
- Ore bodies are irregularly – shaped, discontinuous and lenticular.
- Reefs comprise well banded to laminated siliceous lithologies that consist of millimetre to centimetre units of pink-brown, cherty layers of k-feldspar-quartz-biotite-arsenopyrite which alternate with amphibole – diopside – epidote – plagioclase units containing pyrrhotite and pyrite.
- Pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite are the dominant sulphides.
- Free gold is rare.
- The reefs are arranged in an en echelon array in the alteration zone.
- The ore bodies trend south-easterly and dip at 55 - 70 degrees to the north-east.
- The payshoots show variable pitch towards the west.
- Ore body widths vary from less than a metre to 30 metres.

Venus – Dolerite Dyke.
* The dolerite dyke (25 – 40m thick) dipping 60 degrees SW exists around 2 – 3 level.
* Ore bodies above the dyke were mined from surface.
* The intrusion of the dyke resulted in a reverse movement which subsequently resulted in a vertical displacement of 80 – 90m.



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