Woodstock Project

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
StagePreliminary Economic Assessment
  • Manganese
  • Iron Ore
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
Mine Life... Lock
SnapshotCanadian Manganese plans to continue further evaluation and development work on its Woodstock’s deposit and seek opportunities in the Li-ion battery industry to unlock Woodstock’s potential.


Canadian Manganese Company Inc. 100 % Direct
Canadian Manganese Company Inc. holds a 100% interest in the Woodstock manganese project.

Deposit type

  • Banded iron formation


The manganese contained in the Plymouth deposit is predominantly in the form of a carbonate (rhodochrosite) whilst the iron exists in both oxide (hematite, magnetite and ilmenite) and carbonate minerals (predominantly siderite). The deposit type is sedimentary in origin and of the stratiform, BIF type. The host sequence consists of Silurian red and grey siliciclastic to calcareous siltstones and shales that have been metamorphosed under lower greenschist facies conditions. In addition to the main oxide, silicate and carbonate facies iron-manganese concentrations, host rocks contain minor magnetite and traces of pyrite in grey siltstone and black shale intervals. The manganese rich iron formation deposits occur in stratiform bodies and represent spatially distinct intervals that accumulated contemporaneously with surrounding sedimentary strata.

Iron and manganese are considered to have been deposited from seawater in an oxidizing environment and host strata have subsequently been structurally thickened through folding and faulting related to the Acadian Orogeny (middle to early Late Devonian in age). Some subsequent remobilization of manganese has occurred and resulted in re-deposition of manganese carbonate and oxides in fracture zones. Additional surficial weathering has also resulted in very limited oxidation at the overburden-bedrock interface, but is typically estimated to be limited to centimetres depth into bedrock.

Historical interpretation of the mineralization of the Plymouth deposit indicated that the iron manganese mineralization can be subdivided into iron-manganese oxide, silicatecarbonate-oxide, and carbonate facies (Sidwell 1957; Gilders 1976; Roberts and Prince 1990). These stratiform deposits are analogous to the Type IIA deposits of bedded manganese oxides and carbonates described by Macharmer (1987). The ironmanganese oxide facies present on the Property is represented by red to maroon siltstone and red chert and is characterized by the mineral assemblage magnetite, hematite, braunite (Mn+2Mn+36[O8SiO4]) and bixbyite ([Mn,Fe]2O3) and ranges between 30% and 80% iron-manganese oxides. Iron and manganese mineralization is also present in the form of rhodochrosite (MnCO3) and minor sursassite (Mn2Al3[(SiO4)(Si2O7)(OH)3]) crosscuts syngenetic iron-manganese mineralization in the Deposit (Sidwell 1957). Layers of iron-manganese mineralization are also locally observed to be crosscut by veins of quartz, quartz-carbonate, chlorite, and sulphide (Way et al. 2009).



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Mining Methods


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Crushers and Mills

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CommodityProductUnitsAvg. Annual
Iron Ore Concentrate kt 23

Production Costs

Cash costs Manganese CAD 0.75 / lb *  CAD
Assumed price Manganese CAD 1.53 / lb *  CAD
Assumed price Iron Ore CAD 153.68 / t *  CAD
* According to 2014 study / presentation.

Operating Costs

OP mining costs ($/t milled) CAD 6.45 *  CAD
Processing costs ($/t milled) CAD  ....  Subscribe
Total operating costs ($/t milled) CAD  ....  Subscribe
* According to 2014 study.

Project Costs

MetricsUnitsLOM Total
Initial CapEx $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
Sustaining CapEx $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
Closure costs $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
Total CapEx $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
OP OpEx $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
Processing OpEx $M CAD 4,820
G&A costs $M CAD 123.9
Total OpEx $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
Pre-tax Cash Flow (LOM) $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
After-tax Cash Flow (LOM) $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
Pre-tax NPV @ 8% $M CAD  ......  Subscribe
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Heavy Mobile Equipment


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Mine Management

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