United States

Twin Pines (Shannon) Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
StatusInactive / Suspended
  • Coal (metallurgical)
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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Drummond Company, Inc. 100 % Indirect
Shannon, LLC (operator) 100 % Direct
The Shannon Mine operates by Shannon, LLC, a subsidiary of Drummond Company, Inc.

Shannon LLC is 100% owned by Twin Pines LLC, and Twin Pines is 100% owned by Drummond Company, Inc.

Deposit type

  • Sedimentary


Structural features in the area consist of five (5) normal faults which have a northwesterly trend. The northwesterly trending faults have vertical displacements of 15 feet to 125 feet or more. The strata which underlies and outcrops in this region is of the Pottsville Formation of the Pennsylvanian Age. The Warrior Basin is the southern most of a series of Pennsylvanian basins of the Appalachian Plateau. The Pottsville Formation in this area consists of thin to thick bedded sandstones, siltstones, shales, clays, and coal seams. Structurally, the Warrior Basin is formed by a large gentle syncline that extends from north-central Mississippi in the west to north-central Alabama in the east. The syncline is tilted southwestward with a regional dip of 30 to 200 feet per mile. Toward the interior of the Warrior Basin, the regional southwest dip of Pottsville strata is modified by a series of three synclines and two anticlines. Of these, the major structures are the Warrior and Coalburg synclines, and the Sequatchie anticline. The fold axes are parallel to the Appalachian system in a northeast-southwest direction and plunge to the southwest with the regional dip.

Coal Seams - Upper New Castle, Lower New Castle, Mary Lee, Blue Creek and Jagger Coal Seams.

Locally, the strata which outcrops in the immediate vicinity of the mine site is the coal-bearing Pennsylvanian aged Pottsville Formation which includes siltstones, shales, sandstones, underclays, and coal seams associated with the Mary Lee Coal Group. According to 'Depositional Settings of the Pottsville Formation in the Black Warrior Basin', the Mary Lee Group lies approximately 40 to 130 feet above the Black Creek Coal Group and from 140 to 400 feet below the Pratt Coal Group.



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Mine Management

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