Shine (Mid-West) Mine

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Mine TypeOpen Pit
StatusCare and Maintenance
  • Iron Ore
Mining Method
  • Truck & Shovel / Loader
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SnapshotShine Iron Ore Mine – Operational iron ore mine currently on care and maintenance. In October 2021 the Mount Gibson (previous owner) announced a staged suspension of operations to preserve the value of the Shine deposit and provide time to assess the iron ore market outlook.

The acquisition of Mount Gibson’s Mid-West assets (Shine Iron Ore Mine, Extension Hill Iron Ore Mine, rail and port) provides Fenix the opportunity to potentially re-commission the Shine Iron Ore Mine as an additional production asset, with a 15 million tonne increase in iron ore resource base offering the potential to market high quality blended iron ore products.

Fenix intends to investigate the potential to blend Shine ore with ultra-high grade, low impurity ore from Iron Ridge, subject to ongoing offtake discussions.


Fenix Resources Ltd. 100 % Indirect
On 24 July 2023, Fenix Resources Ltd. announced that it had completed the acquisition of Mount Gibson’s Shine Mine.

Deposit type

  • Banded iron formation


The Shine Hematite deposit is located within the Warriedar Fold Belt which is part of the Archaean The Shine Hematite and Magnetite deposit is located within the Warriedar Fold Belt which is part of the Archaean Yalgoo-Singleton greenstone belt. The deposit is located along a north-northwest trending sub-vertical 50-120m wide banded iron formation (BIF) of the Windanning Formation which is part of the Luke Creek Group.

The BIF forms a prominent ridge which is approximately 50m to 90m wide in the Shine area. A sequence of mafic, ultramafic and pelitic sediments bounds the BIF to the east while a talc-rich ultramafic schist dominates west of the BIF. Where the BIF does not outcrop, it is covered by lateritic or colluvial material. The iron mineralisation (goethite, hematite and magnetite) is strata bound occurring only within the BIF unit.

The host Banded Iron Formation of the Shine iron mineralisation is sub-vertical and dips to the west at approximately -85o.

The iron mineralisation has been interpreted based on a mixture of Fe threshold grades and the geological and geophysical logging. Iron mineralisation occurs as hematite-goethite in the upper portions of the BIF, with magnetite occurring at depth below the base of oxidation which is approximately 100m below surface.

The boundary between the hematite and magnetite is interpreted to occur over a relatively narrow zone (a few metres) and as such no transitional zone was modelled. An east-west striking, shallow dipping, narrow dolerite dyke is interpreted which stopes out the mineralisation. The northern and southern areas of the BIF and associated iron mineralisation are covered by a siliceous capping (a product of near-surface weathering processes), which thickens to the north and south (i.e. this zone is thinnest in the central parts of the deposit).

Outcrops of the iron mineralisation and various lithologies, confirms the validity of the geological interpretation based on the drilling. Alternative interpretations of the mineralisation are unlikely to significantly change the overall volume of the Fe mineralised envelopes in terms of the reported classified resources at a 50% Fe cut-off.

The Shine deposit is hosted within a north-south trending BIF. The mineralisation parallels the stratigraphy, trends roughly north-south and is sub-vertical, with a total strike length of about 1.7 km. The mineralisation occurs mainly in two sub-parallel zones which are up to 30 m wide in places.



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Mine Management

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